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Enter Parker Industries. Home of the newest top inventor of the Marvel universe and the headquarters of the greatest mind there is since Tony Stark is now not seen as that head person anymore. Enter the mind of the person who gets all the technology and weapons that SHIELD needs now and also the technology for the entire world so that there is a safer internet. But, with all great technology and inventors, there are bound to be characters who want to either steal their concepts or want to sabotage their plans. For Peter Parker, that comes in the form of Zodiac, a criminal organization that wants to steal Parker's internet technology to make it easier to commit their crimes. Now, where should Peter make his main headquarters? Why, in Four Freedom Plaza of course, the headquarters and home for the recently missing Fantastic Four.

Amazing Spider-man has been a fun ride for the first three issues as we continue to create the cast needed to make this volume of Amazing a fun read. In the first three issues alone, we have had returns of a number of fan favorites, and this issue is no exception, as two more characters make their return to the pages. Let's remember that Amazing was always a title about family and adventures more then it was a comic about action and suspense. Slott again does an incredible job of showing is this world, but in the process he also screws a few things up. For one thing, the last issue was a funny read(something that has been missing for quite some time), and established the Zodiac crime syndicate as characters that we really can't take too seriously. But, in this issue they are again seen as relentless and pure evil. It's impossible to tell what way Slott wants us to see these characters. The future of this book hopefully takes us to new places like it's supposed to and not a rehashing old characters into new roles just because they were gone for a while. Overall, Amazing Spider-Man #3 a pretty fun read, and there are enough pros to forgive the book's cons. Plus, the ending of this issue again displays a huge event that is coming that might tie-in a number of past storylines that Slott and company have created. I give this issue a 7 out of 10.


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