ByGolden Supreme Ochoa, writer at

The Captain America :Civil War Trailer can come any minute.Personally I have been checking YouTube everyday for the trailer but it hasn't come out yet.

Let's go back to when the Avengers:Age of Ultron Trailer came out. The trailer officially came out in October 22,2014.The movie saw released in May 1,2015.Meaning that this trailer should of dropped last month.Now,Let's go back to February of 2015,When Spider-Man joined the MCU,News dropped and it was confirmed that he will appear in Captain America:Civil War and in a stand-alone spinoff in 2017.

They have to act quick to add Spider -Man to the Movie.But we don't know if he will appear in the trailer.That would explain why Marvel wasn't at Comic-Con,They have been working on Spider-Man since he joined.

the trailer can come at any minute as we speak ,or maybe in a Monday Night Football Game like the Star Wars Awakens Trailer.

So What do you guys think do you want to see him in the trailer or not,and if you do when do you wanna see him .


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