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Brian Michael Bendis has taken us in recent months on a large romp thru the Mutant universe. He has taken the character of Cyclops and made him a central figure of his mutant revolution. But, he has left the question open of what exactly this revolution is. He has brought back the original classic X-men and left them stranded in the modern age to have new adventures. he has even taken a classic character and made him gay, even though his present character wasn't. He brought alot of stories into his arc and now, after 3 years, it was time to conclude all of those arcs. But, did his conclusion hit the mark or did it leave alot to be desired.

The first problem that needs to be addressed regarding this book was the shipping schedule. Some people will see it as brilliant that it came out the exact same day as the newest "Post Secret Wars" X-men book. People will say that it gets rid of the past to usher in the future. Other's will say that the comic was supposed to come out over 6 months ago and people started to lose interest in the storyline cause it just never came out. Regardless of your feelings, Marvel did choose to hold this comic back from being published for their own agenda. Bendis had alot of loose-ends that needed to be completed for his overall arc to have a valid conclusion. The story centers on the trial of the Beast, who the X-men felt were doing things that he really should not have been doing(and keeping secrets while he was at it). What starts as a trial soon becomes an exploration on all the characters that Bendis brought along for the ride. The classic X-men were again front and center, and new openings were created in terms of their relationships. Bendis also concluded the Iceman "gay" storyline in a way that made some sense and also established that there are more phobias that the mutants need to deal with in addition to being labeled a mutant. But, the top story that was clarified and concluded was the revolution that Cyclops had promised would happen. Yes, it does happen this issue and yes, it is sure to be discussed again at some point in the near future. Uncanny X-Men #600 is an almost perfect end that should satisfy X-Men fans who saw this series to the very end. We got great storytelling, new characters, memorable costume changes, and the status quo for a good time was changed for the better. But, On the other hand, it's not spectacular and jaw-dropping enough to justify keeping fans waiting for more than half a year. While it is fun to see artists return to the series and knock it out of the park, you can't help but wonder what kind of book this would have been if the script had lived up to their talents. Surely to be a must for completists and collectors, Uncanny X-Men #600 doesn't offer much aside from some great pages and the feeling of a writer running out of steam. I give this issue a 6 out of 10.


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