ByDalton Tevlin, writer at
One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

Tom Holland's Instagram page is becoming a must-follow if you are a fan of Spider-Man. Last week he posted photo of himself with a haircut that was extremely similar to Ultimate Peter Parker, and it looked amazing!

Not only did he showcase his new Spider-Man haircut, today he shared a video of him performing extreme acrobatic stunts in true Spider-Man fashion!

Tom Holland's Aerobatics Make Hime Perfect for Spider-Man!

Tom Holland is definitely putting in the work to make Marvel's first rendition of Spider-Man on the big-screen as perfect as possible. Who knew that this kid was such an outstanding athlete? On a couple of those lunges he really looked like Spider-Man bouncing around on the mats. It seems like every day the hype for this kid is growing after a ton of skepticism initially. He may be the one to carry Marvel on his shoulders for years to come, he will be great. I think it may be time that we start calling this kid Peter "Parkour"!


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