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This is my first and last post on the waste of space that are the Kardashians. I'm not here to talk about the money they make or the over exposure these idiots seem to garner for themselves, I'm here to state why they shouldn't even be a part of pop culture.

What exactly do they do for us as a society? Do they better our lives in some way or do they make you feel better about yourself at the end of the day? Ever since they popped up on E! Entertainment Channel I disliked them with their shallow representation of how we should look or act when we have the money to waste on our image physically. Do we really need to go in and have plastic surgery before the age of thirty? Is this something we should tell young America, to teach them that it's okay to change every little feature on your face and body so you can fit in to what celebrities and magazines show as the norm? Now if they deny the use of plastic surgery check out the image of Kim Kardashian below.

Do you see the difference? Was there anything wrong with who she was before the surgery? I don't think so. Now she looks like every other woman to walk into a plastic surgery clinic. Now I'm not saying plastic surgery is a bad thing. There are people out there that get plastic surgery to fix a birth defect or scarring from an accident, but in this case it wasn't needed.

Currently we're watching Lamar Odom recuperating from over-dosing at a brothel while Khloe and all the other Kardashians run to his bedside to gain the attention of the media once again so they can stay in the spot light. Look, the guy overdosed while hanging out with prostitutes. Why do we feel sorry for this guy? He was an idiot to do what he did? Why is he in the news when people with real problems don't get an ounce of press coverage such as people with terrible, incurable illnesses. How about a story on the men and women who are sitting in the hospital right now with a missing leg or with brain damage because they laid their lives on the line for this country?

I am tired of reality stars in general; but the ship to which flies the flag the highest are the Kardashians, a ship I wish would sink and go away for good. What is it that attracts us to them? Is it Kim's big ass and marriage to a big mouth for a musician? Is it the hard work Khloe has put into getting her body into tip top shape? Maybe it's the second pregnancy that Kim has! Why do these things matter? They don't! Not to me anyways, and it shouldn't for you. We're watching other people live their lives in front of our eyes when we should be living our own instead. The show I Am Cait is ridiculous. I really don't care one way or another how Bruce Jenner is currently living as a woman. Good for her that she's comfortable living as a woman now, but I really felt as though the whole situation of him going from Bruce to Caitlyn was used to make more money. I would have more respect for Caitlyn if she did it without all the press and attention, but that's how that family is, people who live for fame.

I hope one day everyone watching their shows would turn it to a television show with an actual story, or at least turn the television off and do something with your lives besides following people who do nothing but waste societies time. They do nothing for nobody.


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