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Everyone remembers their first comic book that they ever read. Let's be clear....every week new comic readers are born and every main comic book series has a new reader with each issue that comes out. So, all writers and artists must make a comic book in the hopes that these new readers would want to come back and read more about the adventures of these new wonders that they just beheld. Old time fans will look at a bad comic book as just a "hiccup" in the overall series and will probably laugh about the issue or the storyline in future blogs or events. This two part storyline which saw the first ever team-up between the Justice League of America and the new Batman will go under that catagory. A "hiccup" that really should be avoided at all costs.

The story seemed insane by itself. A new force was stealing the eye fluid from bodies and using it for some reason. The Justice League decides to get the help of the new Batman(who they somehow know the identity of, even though in the regular Superman/Batman comic, they have no clue who he is) because Gordan is already an amazing detective. The mystery takes us to a 200 year old giant skeleton in the snow which holds the key to finding the murderer in the story. From there, all bets are off as the art from Marcio Takara and the writing/dialogue from Peter J. Tomasi take us on an adventure that we would probably prefer not having. Sure, by the end we have an emotional moment that makes us feel sad and humbled, but getting to that point is really the adventure. Characters are not written correctly, and it almost seems like the Justice League doesn't even care what is going on. The flaws and questions that this issue(and the previous one has) are just too many to count, so why bother. let's just chalk this up to a bad comic book and leave it at that. When I read a story like this, I think about a little kid who loves Batman going into a comic book store for the first time to pick up their very first Batman comic. How exciting! Then they go home and read this…. Is this really the kind of thing we want people to associate with Batman? Any issue could very well be someone's first. It's important to give people a reason to come back for a second one. I was under the impression that DC wanted to encourage new readership. Maybe people are intimidated by the history of comics, but I'm guessing they would be even more off put by a book that doesn't even give you the bare essentials of what a Batman book should be. I give this comic a 3 out of 10, and I am being kind by even giving it that. Read it if you need a good laugh. Forget about it if you have the chance.


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