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In the new episode of Rebels Ezra is having trouble balancing both his Jedi training and solder training with Rex. While the crew get to go on a mission, Ezra and Chopper stay behind to clean the ship. They get wind of another distress signal and decide to go help.

They both travel to the ship that was sending the signal to them and end up getting split up immediately. Ezra travels around the ship alone and runs into Ohnaka, who is messing around with the ship. Ezra pretends to be Lando to most likely give away his true identity. A star destroyer beings to shoot at them as Ezra repairs the ship and uses light speed to travel away from the empire.

Ohnaka is smuggling a few crates of power cells and travels to sell Azmorigan, he of course tricks them and tries to use a bounty to sell them out. Chopper helps them break free from the trap and takes out most of Azmorigan's henchman. They engaged in a shoot out that lead to Ohnaka getting almost sent to space if it weren't for Ezra's force ability to save him.

They get back to the ship and Ohnaka asks Ezra to join him in being a pirate. Ezra beings to contemplate being a pirate just a little until he runs into Vizago. Him and Ezra return to the bridge and confront Ohnaka only for Vizago to turn on both of them and activates his droids on the ship to take them out. Ezra shuts them down by having the activator and goes after Chopper.

Both Ezra and Chopper are sent back to the planet and return to the ship. By the end they get their generators, and Ezra realizes that the path he is on is different from a normal Jedi.

I liked this episode and how we got to go on the different side of the good guys for a change. Being with smugglers and pirates without was able to give Ezra a different perspective on things and really find his way into becoming his own Jedi.

Yeah there were no Inquisitors and not much of the Empire but it was still a very entertaining episode. I do hope that next week we get to go back to that though.


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