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"Where's Hera?" A question that several fans of Star Wars Rebels have asked for nearly two years. Despite being the top-notch pilot and leader of the rebel cell aboard her ship, The Ghost, Hera Syndulla has gotten something of a short stick when it comes to merchandising and screen time. With that in mind, I hope you'll understand why I'm so excited about this particular clip form the upcoming episode of Rebels, titled "Wings of the Master" -- but just in case, check for the context below the clip.

Before the season began, I was lucky enough to chat with Hera's voice actress, Vanessa Marshall -- and she built my hopes up pretty high, to say the least. Marshall dished about Hera's past, bringing up a name that many of us haven't heard since The Clone Wars (and no -- not that one):

You’ll learn more about her piloting, and how she came to be such a good pilot. You’ll also learn about her family history, with her father, Cham — and it’s really exciting to have him come back and get a greater sense of why she risks everything for this cause, and why she wouldn’t do it by her Dad’s side.

While Hera seems to touch a little on this particular family history, we haven't yet really figured out what her problem with her Dad (Cham Syndulla, from [Star Wars: The Clone Wars](tag:200641)) was. Now, hopefully, we'll get a better answer.


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