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About two weeks ago, I was watching Desperado and wondering why there weren't any other cool Hispanic/Latino films out there for me to enjoy. Let's be honest, Beverly Hills Chihuahua wasn't going to satiate my craving. Also I think there are a major shortage of Hispanic/Latino films that give a true depiction of the race and culture. I am always looking for new cool films and this one fell into my lap today: The Last Intervention is an independent comedy film directed by Giovanny Blanco and written by Sarah Thorpe that focuses on the 17 year old rebellious and misunderstood teen Melky, played by Alyssa Abreu.

Melky is the daughter of Dominican parents who have divorced. Despite the dissolution of their marriage, Melky remains the central concern of not just her parents but many of her family members as they come together to stage an intervention at the urging of her father, Cheche. Cheche, Melky's semi-narcissistic father (played by Hemky Madera) decides that the best way to "fix" Melky as well as repair his own standing within the family is to solicit the help of a camera crew to film her invention as a documentary.

Much of the concern for Melky is often misdirected and the issues of the family become clear to the viewer as the story unfolds (in case you missed it early on). Suddenly family members true intentions are revealed and their integrity to the shared goal of making Melky well is often questioned. Some are reluctant to participate, and some are far too eager.

Despite the serious nature of interventions, this film allows the viewer to poke fun at the debacle that is reality television all while remaining captivated by the characters and issues within both the family/reality cast as well as the documentary film crew. Katherine Dickson does a fantastic job as a devoted mother who is committed to steering her daughter in the right direction, even if it means directing her out of the house and to the basement of her Abuela. Her comedic timing doesn't miss a beat and is demonstrated within the trailer as she expresses her deep her devotion to Melky truly goes.

Being a product of immigrant parents, I definitely have a soft spot for film that explores other cultures however, despite The Last Intervention boasting a cast of mostly Hispanic/Latino actors the film calls attention to far more than the race of it's cast. By the time you finish watching this film, you will laugh yourself beyond the point of caring about race, appreciate the complexity of human behavior, and learn to laugh at yourself along with Melky and her family.

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