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The Book for Every Bond fan and Every Espionage Fan
The Book for Every Bond fan and Every Espionage Fan

Super Buy Day for Everything I Know About Life I Learned From James Bond

On Friday, November 6th!!

So, look no further for that unique Christmas present!

For ALL the men and/or women in your life that love James Bond, Friday, November 6th is a book launch buy day for Drs. John Flynn and Bob Blackwood’s Everything I Know About Life I Learned From James Bond, a light-hearted but thoroughly researched look into the world of Bond for $18.95.

For the adolescent male growing up in the 1950s and 1960s, 007 was everything that young men were not. He was sexually irresistible to women. He was well dressed and well groomed, socially astute, clever and witty, athletic, debonair, dangerous, and heroic. He drove the coolest cars, possessed the greatest gadgets, traveled to the most exotic places, made love to the most beautiful women, and had the most fun of any cinematic hero. James Bond represented everything that authors John and Bob wanted to be.

And now, as they look back over the years as middle-aged adults and college professors, both realize how much Bond helped re-define their understanding of what it meant to be a man, particularly at a time in our culture when the roles of men and women were becoming so fractured and confused. This book provides witty and insightful aphorisms about everyday things, ranging from women to food and drink, cars to clothing and style, and life lessons to fun facts about culture and civilization, as reflected through the prism of James Bond, the world’s most stylish and cultured secret agent.

Recently there were Bond marathons on cable stations. I was picking up on all the detailed nuances in each movie. What a great companion book! I know many of you have CDs or other formats of the Bond films. “Spectre” is debuting this week. Think about the guide that John Flynn and I have written. “Spectre” is noted in the book. Whatever our age and whatever our sex, James Bond is fun to watch in action.


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