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The Story:

While continuing his campaign for governor, Oliver finds out Sara is alive. She begins killing people due to her blood lust and is on the hunt for Thea. The team is able to capture her and Oliver calls his old friend John Constantine to come help them bring her soul back. Meanwhile, Damian sends Detective Lance to upload a virus at a security company. Diggle tags along in hopes of finding out more about his brother's involvement with H.I.V.E. and why he was killed. Felicity finds out Ray is alive with the help of Curtis and they begin their search for him. The group comes together to bring Sara's soul back.

The Action:

This episode had some pretty cool action sequences and all of that is made better with Constantine's arrival. Here are a couple of those scenes.

Here is Sara going in for the kill on some random hoodlum in an alley. Can't say the guy didn't deserve it though.

Oliver and Thea engaging in their regular spar session. Just like Oliver said, she can handle herself effortlessly now.

Here is crazy Sara with no soul getting into it with Thea. Good thing she got away, it wasn't looking too good for her here.

Here's Oliver saving Constantine from getting owned by a trap protecting the ancient artifact he was looking for.

It took the whole team and a tranquilizer arrow for her to go down. This shot was probably the best representation of how hard it was to stop Sara. She made light work out of her sister.

This is probably why Laurel pulled a gun on her.......Haha

Constantine has a pretty interesting way of fighting. He mixed it in with some magic and was able to hold his own while Oliver and Laurel saved Sara's soul.

Finally, Oliver and Laurel save Sara! Yay!!

New Characters/Cameos:

John Constantine- The only new character we get this week and my was he a good one. His whole stint on the island to him helping out Team Arrow, please don't say this is a one and done. More Constantine please, I'm sure a lot of people would agree.

Sara Lance- She is finally back. I mean it only took a couple of dead people, a trench coat wearing, magic casting anti hero, and Team Arrow back, but it was worth it. I love how her soul was dressed in white. White Canary is born!

Ray Palmer- We don't actually see him this episode, but we hear the message he sent to Felicity. He is alive and well, but in a serious pickle. We will talk about what's to come with his character down below.

Character Interactions:

Oliver and Laurel- We thought Oliver was going to give Laurel a verbal beat down just like the one he gave Lance in the last episode. She should have told him about Sara sooner and all those people wouldn't have died. He isn't Arrow anymore, he's the Green Arrow. It was good to see these two on good terms towards the end though.

Diggle and Lance- In a perfect world these two would have their own spin off show. Watch the video above to hear our pitch about it. In all seriousness though, we would love to see more of these two working together. Lance helped Diggle bring some closure to his brother's death, good man.

Damian and Lance- We're still not sure if Damian knows that Lance is a rat. One would think so since he a very cunning character. Lance may be the plant for Team Arrow to get more information on H.I.V.E, but I think Damian is a step ahead.

Curtis, Felicity and Ray Palmer - We love seeing Curtis and Felicity geeking out together and just as we suspected, Curtis is the one to (in a way) bring Ray back. Turns out our tiny hero is in trouble and has been calling out for help. Curtis is pretty terrific don't you think.

Constantine and Oliver- The day has come. This is what we've all been waiting for. We figured in the last recap that he met Oliver on the island and while the circumstances were a little different, I thought they tied him in well. These two just picked up where they left off and it was amazing to watch.

Constantine and Team Arrow- His involvement with the Team was a bit short, but we'll take it! He brought Oliver and Laurel to the other realm where Sara was and helped get her out. It looks like the good old Constantine charm worked as everyone seemed to like him.

Thea and Sara- A bit of the episode was Sara tracking Thea due to her blood lust. I mean yes she did kill her, but only because of Malcolm drugged her to do so. I was a little scared for Thea when she was about to sacrifice herself to save Sara's soul. It was very noble of her though.

Sara and Team Arrow- She wasn't taking crap from anybody. She absolutely destroyed everyone she came across and killed a few poor souls, but the team was able to stop her together. They brought her back though, and I'm interested to see how she adjusts to coming back from the dead.

Eastern Eggs:

Mr. Terrific- Curtis Holt is again wearing the colors of his comic book counterpart. He also mentions that he is an avid runner and is a bronze medalist.

Indigo Tribe- It could just be the choice of colors used in the scene, but hear me out. Ray Palmer has a stint as a member of the indigo tribe and the color of the audio file with his voice is well, you can see where I'm going with this. This could just be the fan boy in me though.

What's to Come/Theories:

Well, from the previews it looks like the team know Ray's alive and go out to look for him. The person who is holding him captive is none other than. Dun-dun-dun, Damian Darhk. What could be the reason for Damian keeping Ray under a jar, you can hear us theorize about it in the podcast above. There is a crazy theory, but there is also a more realistic one. He is most likely keeping Ray as leverage against Team Arrow should his plans go south. We will have to see.

Final Thoughts:

People are entitled to their own opinions about the show. I feel like this whole season has been a big departure from the last, and is getting better. Hopefully we get to see Constantine more because he stole the show as soon as he showed up. This episode has probably got to be one of my favorites, if not favorite Arrow episode of all time. What did you guys think about this episode? Leave your comments down below we'd love to read them!


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