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Shaun Patton

So everyone is wondering who Zoom is, well I have a theory on that myself and its not who everyone thinks it might be in Dr. Harrison Wells. If you've noticed so far Zoom has been sending Earth-2 Meta-Humans to kill Earth-1s Flash ( our beloved Barry) and Earth-2 people believe that if you see your Doppleganger you'll die, hence why in Episode 1 Atom Shamsher killed his Earth-1 counterpart and why in the recent episode Earth-2 Dr. Light tried killing her Earth-1 counterpart but did not succeed, which brings me back to who Zoom is (and let me know if you agree) why he keeps sending Earth-2 Meta-Humans to kill Earth-1s Flash is because he's scared to do it himself because if he did he believes he'll die...

Which brings me to whom Zoom really is and folks this one is definitely a head turner....he is Earth-2 Barry Allen, and if you really think about it you'll agree also. So think to yourself why haven't we met Earth-2 Barry yet and why the identity of Zoom has been shrouded in mystery. If you think about it in this recent Episode of Flash Dr. Wells says he is responsible for creating Zoom just as Earth-1 Dr. Wells was responsible for creating Earth-1 Flash. It kinda goes hand in hand if you ask me.

But tell me what you guys out there tthink, how legitimate does this theory sound to you guys because honestly it's the best theory out there and also which makes the most sense.


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