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We all know that Michael Fassbender is going to be the star of the upcoming [Assassin's Creed](tag:437814) movie, and that he will be playing an assassin created for the movie. However, what other actors will they get to fill out the rest of the Brotherhood? Will we see characters that already exist in the games, and if so, who could play them? Will there be multiple films following multiple characters, similar to the games? Well, I'm going to propose ten actors we would love to see in the film series, and I think you'll agree that they'd all make good assassins!

1. Sam Witwer

If they were to ever bring Desmond Miles into the movies somehow, Sam Witwer would be my first choice. He resembles the character so much, and he's a terrific action star, capable of handling a role like this. Or, if they were to give him his own modern day assassin, I would be happy too. I just don't see Witwer wearing the robes and fitting in with everyone else in the Animus however.

2. Matt Ryan

It's pretty obvious that I would want Ryan to play Edward Kenway, considering he did the motion capture and voice of the character, but he would also be amazing as his own unique assassin. He's a Welsh actor, and considering that almost all of Assassin's Creed takes place in Europe, he would fit right in wearing assassin's robes! And he does have the look of an assassin because why else would they have gotten him for the motion capture?

3. Oscar Isaac

Isaac would be the perfect Altair, and if they're not using any existing characters, he would be equally amazing as his own assassin. They travel all around the world in Assassin's Creed, so I expect the movies to be no different. When they start exploring assassin's with other ethnicities, Isaac would fit right in.

4. Michael Peña

Speaking of other ethnicities, Peña would be perfect as Isaac's character's best friend. Why so specific? In almost all of the Assassin's Creed games, there is one constant: a best friend who either turns against you or meets an untimely demise. Sometimes both. Peña is totally cut out for that role, being one of the best supporting characters in Hollywood right now. He's the ideal moral compass and trusty companion that dies at the hands of the antagonist of the film, and it might sound wrong, but I would love for Peña to grace us with his death in one of these films.

5. Jake Gyllenhaal

While Gyllenhaal doesn't have a good batting average with video game movies, he is my second pick to take on Desmond Miles. I know it's false hope to say we'll see this character in the movies, but he is the most important person in the games, and we need someone worthy enough of the role to play it, hence a big star like Gyllenhaal, or someone as skilled as Witwer. Even if he doesn't play Desmond, Jake could fit right into some assassin's robes.

6. Ryan Reynolds

Reynolds is such a well versed actor that he could play one of several roles in these movies. Another famous actor given his own main character assassin for the movie? The poor soul of Subject 16, guiding Desmond through the Animus? A modern day, pretty boy Templar that's hunting down the remaining assassins? Reynolds would be perfect for any of these! My main point is, put this dude in these movies!

7. Wentworth Miller

Miller is my first choice for Ezio, and even if we don't see that character, he could play any number of supporting assassins. I personally think he has what it takes for the role of the longest running and most famous assassin, but if they're not using Ezio, then he would be just as good as a supporting character for Fassbender.

8. Misha Collins

Misha Collins is my second choice for Ezio, and practically everything I said about Miller is true about him. He would fit right in with the rest of the Brotherhood, and being a fandom actor, he could bring more people to the theater as well as expand his widespread fame.

9. Gal Gadot

What, you didn't think I was going to leave out a badass, female assassin, did you? Gal Gadot would be amazing as the love interest/assassin teacher of whatever modern day assassin the movie has (not Desmond Miles, because, you know, the whole Lucy thing), or just one of the assassins in the Animus. She's an all around badass action star, and would fit right into some assassin's robes.

10. Chris Pratt

Come on, Chris Pratt is the hottest actor in Hollywood right now! He would be perfect for a modern day assassin with the personality traits of Desmond, especially if he made the character somewhat of a mixture of Andy Dwyer and Owen Grady. Funny and badass at the same time, he would make us all forget who Desmond Miles is!


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