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It's official, Spider-Man is back with Marvel and it has people going crazy. A lot of people are asking questions about the future of one of the most popular super heroes ever. The only question I have is, will we ever get to see the clone saga in the big screen?

For those of you who aren't aware, Tom Holland recently got a new look that looks a lot like the Peter Parker from Ultimate Spider-Man universe. I personally love Ultimate Spider-Man because it was the first thing I read as a kid. It was a great storyline. Pretty much peter gets his powers from the radioactive spider that Osborne created. He only tells his girlfriend, Mary Jane. Peter becomes obsessed with taking down the kingpin. Osborne tries the oz formula on himself and turns himself into the green goblin and at the same time turns Dr Oc into dr octopus. Venom is created by Peter's dad and Eddie's dad but it wasn't really venom until peter stole it from Eddie who was also working on it. Carnage was created from a blood sample that peter gave Dr Connors. All of that leads to pretty much the clone saga where Ben Reilly creates clones from Spider-Man under the orders of Dr Octopus and well a lot of crazy shit goes down including the resurrection of Gwen who was killed by carnage, Aunt May getting a heart attack when she finds out Pete is Spider-Man, the return of Peter's dad, MJ getting injected with the Oz formula. If you haven't read it I would totally recommend it.

But what are the possibilities of the Clone Saga making it to the MCU?

Well I really doubt this storyline will ever make it to the MCU considering that the fantastic four are involved and so are the X-Men (Kitty Pryde, to be more precise).

But, with the recent failure that we all knew the fantastic four would be maybe there is hope for this story to make it to the big screen. There is also a rumor that Marvel and Fox plan to make an X-Men-Avengers movie by 2020. I don't know how much of that is true but it would be interesting to see. Not that the X-Men are crucial to the story but I'd really love to see Peter dating Kitty Pryde, or anyone that isn't MJ or Gwen for a change.

So what do you guys think, dies the idea of the clone saga interest you? Would you like to see it on the big screen? Let me know what you guys think


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