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I have been playing Syndicate almost non stop since it came out and I am having so much fun with it! Personally, this is the best [Assassin's Creed](tag:437814) game since Brotherhood (excluding Black Flag because it was more of a pirate game than an Assassin game.) The protagonists are witty and cool, but still serious and focused on their goal. But before I say much else, lets dive into my top 5 favorite things about Assassin's Creed: Syndicate.

5. Combat

The combat in Syndicate is brutal. Blood splatters from bodies being hit, people are flipped during combat, bystanders are actually terrified by battles that take place on the streets. The most mutilating weapon is the Kukri curved blade. With this sword, you can stab enemies through the neck, essentially tearing out their throats (of course the game doesn't actually show that, but it's what would happen in real life.) You can also shove the blade through their chest and much, MUCH, more. Even when you are fighting without any weapons, like in the fight club challenges, the combat is insane. When an enemy is being taken down, Jacob or Evie can throw an enemy to the ground, grab their leg and twist it around, breaking it. Other takedowns include breaking of arms, breaking jaws, kicking people off of trains or boats. With weapons, I witnessed Jacob, during a dual takedown, slice one guys throat, throw his kukri into another guys chest and then go up to both of them and stab them in the throat with his hidden blade. Like I said, the combat is beautifully brutal. Another thing I love about the combat is that it changes depending on what weapon you use. The Kukri is much more brutal and mutilating, while the Cane-Sword incorporates more "stunning" attacks, and the knuckles are, of course, for punching. Whatever your taste in fighting may be, Syndicate has got you covered.

4. Setting

The Victorian era London, England setting is beautiful. This time period is by far my favorite, so I may be a bit biased but I don't care. Ubisoft Quebec did a terrific job of capturing the busy and industrialized life on Victorian London. Smoke can be found rising from most of the buildings, carriages will race by streets full of them, and it rains...A LOT! If you have ever been to London, you know that it rains there a lot. The streets of Syndicate's London are very well done. There can be a few glitches where carriages will start running through trees or go on a mini rampage to get around a stopped carriage, which is actually kinda funny to watch, but for the most part, everyone acts the way they are supposed to.

3. Outfits

The outfits are really cool in Syndicate. Ubisoft did away with the complete customization that they had in Unity, (which was one of the only things I actually liked in Unity) and instead gave you the option of switching between about 7 different full outfits, which are unlock-able or given as rewards from missions. Now, even though I kind of miss the full customization of everything you wear, the outfits they give you are extremely cool! You also have the option to change your gauntlet which holds your hidden blade, zipline, and hallucinogenic darts. Along with your outfits and gauntlets, Jacob can change the belt that goes around his coat, and Evie can change her cape that hangs from her shoulder. Each outfit, gauntlet, cape, and belt has a different bonuses to them. Both Evie and Jacob get a special outfit which increases their over-all ammo capacity by 2 (smoke bomb, darts, etc.)

2. Characters

The Characters in Syndicate make the game. This time era incorporated some of the most interesting people of all time. In the game you get to talk to and essentially work for people like Alexander Graham-Bell, Charles Dickens, Charles Darwin, Karl Marx, and a few more. A lot of the historical figures play key roles in the game's story, especially Graham-Bell and Ms. Nightingale. Both take roles in the main story and do a great job in doing so.

Ubisoft also broke ground with having the first playable female assassin along with having two playable assassins. Jacob and Evie Frye. Evie is a lot of fun to play as. Her attitude is great, but she is also very open minded. However, her combat and her upgrades do not differ from Jacobs'. They both have the same attacks and upgrades with the exception of a few exclusive upgrades that only Evie can unlock. Jacob has a couple of exclusives as well.

1. The Templars

The Templars in this game are absolutely terrific! They find the perfect line between evil and necessary. Since the Templars own and run everything in London from transportation and money to having influence in Parliament, whenever one of them dies, London gets thrown into chaos. The Templars themselves, while most of them are just pure evil, there are a couple who when you killed them and they told you their intentions, it actually made you think. Totally was not expecting that. The writers over at Ubisoft Quebec have seriously outdone themselves on this game.

There are so many parts of this game that I absolutely love. Those 5 are the reason I will be keeping, and keep playing, this game, at least until the next one comes out. If you haven't yet, go play this game, you will not be disappointed!


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