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The Melting Sun Productions

The movie has only one flaw with the movie, the villain. It had no villain to begin with. I mean, there is a villain, but he's barely in the movie. He was in like 5 scenes in the WHOLE MOVIE! But enough with the flaws, let's talk about the good things in this movie. The action scenes in this movie were good and really exiting! The movie also had an interesting take on the James Bond character. He was still like he was in Sky Fall but with like a Ethan Hunt taste to him. He was like a bad ass and a retired spy at the same time it was cool to see that he was back! If only the plot was just the same. But now it's Casino Royal, Sky Fall, and Spectre. They got less and less good as they went on. Not saying their bad. It's just the Daniel Craig series has just gotten less and less better. But would I see it again? Maybe, it did have some sweet action scenes so yeah. It's a fun action spy movie. Wasn't boring at all, it just didn't really know how to go to the next scene to the next. The dialog was good, the actors, the look of the film, everything is at least decent in this film as it goes on. Not the best Bond (007) film in the series, but it is one of them. Casino Royal is still, to me, the best Bond movie up to date. (8.2)


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