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Oliver starts his campaign. Diggle and Lance team up. And Sara gets her soul back. All on this week's Arrow!


Sara, the Serial Killer

The episode starts in a very normal way. At least, normal for a superhero show. A girl in an alleyway gets attacked by two men. And Sara shows up and saves her by brutally stabbing the men. But as the girl starts to thank her, Sara tries to kill the girl. She gets stopped by the cops.

Later, Laurel meets her father on the scene. Apparently, she never told him that Sara was not looked in Laurel's basement. She also told no one that Sara was on the loose. Laurel wants to catch her before her dad or Oliver can. But, let's be honest, that doesn't work.

Sara goes on a rampage in a nightclub. Laurel stops Sara this time and tells her, "You have got to stop this!". But, Laurel ends up needing saving and Oliver does just that. And finds out Sara is alive. And he is pissed at Laurel. He says she was messing with things she didn't understand.

So, they have to figure out where Sara is and what she is doing. Oliver, after seeing pictures of the girls Sara has attacked, realized she is going after Thea. Que epic fight scene, or brutal beating, between Thea and Sara. FYI, Thea loses.

Thea ends up in the hospital and she reveals she was forced to kill two assassins. And Oliver gets pissed, not at Thea or Malcolm, but at Laurel.

Let's talk about Laurel

I have had my issues with Laurel and the whole bringing Sara back to life situation. But, I liked Laurel in this episode. It finally seems like she understands what she did. She gets that in the process of trying to do something good, she caused a lot of pain. She understands that she has hurt both her family and Oliver's, which just happens to be like a second family to her. Her argument with Oliver was one of her best in the series. Side note: Is it weird that her fighting with Oliver is when I kind of like her the most?

Anyway, Sara goes after Thea in the hospital and Team Arrow finally decide to set a trap for her. Using Thea. And it works really well. Up until Laurel pulls a gun on Sara in the only part of the episode I didn't like. There really was no point for it.

Enter Constantine

Oliver calls the only person he knows that can help. And that is Constantine. Apparently, Constantine owes Ollie a favor. I can't tell if this is from the time in the flashbacks or a different time. Oh, and about the flashbacks, they are a thing. They seem just as important as the ones last year. And I will talk about them when they get interesting.

Back on topic. Constantine shows up, hits on all the girls, and helps save Sara's soul. He was fine. He wasn't anything special. But, I only watched the pilot of Constantine. If you watched all of the episodes, let me know your opinion on him.

I do like how the whole scene about saving the soul was pretty short. We really didn't need more of that to get what was going on. Basically, Sara soul was in a version of the Lazarus Pit and Oliver, Laurel, and Constantine had to be sent into a different plane or something to save her. It was short and sweet, and Sara is back. She is as normal as Thea is. Which is not totally normal, but better than she was.

Diggle and Lance Team Up

While all of the Sara problems were unfolding, Lance is tasked by Darhk to delete info off of a FBI server. And Oliver won't let him do it alone. So he sends Diggle with him. Diggle, for his part, is not happy that Lance is working for Darhk and, by extension, H.I.V.E. But, he still helps Lance. And they get the job done well. The only problem, one of the files being deleted was on his brother.

Lance, doing Dig a solid, asks what that was all about. Darhk tells him, and it is not good. Turns out, Dig's brother was a drug dealer and did a lot of bad things. And it is really sad to see Diggle realize that his brother was not the good man he thought he was.

Felicity Finally Figures Out Ray is Alive

Felicity finds out the sound file has something else recorded to it and has Holt work on it. She even interrupts his gym time. Turns out he was an Olympic athlete. He does his magic, and drinks so many energy drinks in the process, and at the end we all hear Ray announce that he is alive. Finally!

Oliver Gets Help With His Campaign

Parker Young is introduced as Alex Davis, Ollie’s new political strategist. And he is great. I probably am just really happy the actor keeps getting work (R.I.P Suburgatory and Enlisted). Anyway, he tells Oliver to stay away from Laurel. And he has some good points. In the end, Oliver does what he wants and Alex is just happy he gets paid. And I am really looking forward to see him do more on this show.

Arrow season 4 continues Wednesdays on The CW.

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