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Kristin Lai

What might be bad news for the townspeople of Storybrooke and Neverland will likely come as great news for fans of the ABC fantasy hit Once Upon a Time. It's already been announced that the Evil Queen's mother Cora (Barbara Hershey) will return for the show's 100th episode, but today EW released word that another fan-favorite villain is also set to reprise his role.


Robbie Kay, who played the villainous Peter Pan in the television series, will officially be coming back to the show for it's 100th anniversary episode.

The last time we saw Pan, he tried and failed to steal Henry's "truest believer" heart and saw his demise at the hand of his own son, Mr. Gold. After being stabbed by his dagger, Pan lost his eternal youth and turned back into the man he was, before fading out of existence.

We still don't know how or why Pan will be returning to the show, but we're eager to find out what brings the evil Neverland villain back to the story.


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