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Hey its me Blackbatman and i have some great news to share and my awesome theories and how to draws
Joseph Gaddis

The PlayStation Vita is a good portable system but it needs better games (not indie),

A decent Naruto game: the PS Vita is powerful enough to run a good naruto game good graphics and story and multi-player offline and online but then if that happens they will find a way to mess it up somehow like 6 characters????, don't mess up a system that could be better than the PS4!!!

"Wow hold the phone batman did you just say better than the PS4," yes because put call of duty advanced warfare and assassins creed unity and black ops 3 and Gta v on the PS Vita it would blow away any other systems faster than it was doing with dumb indie games,

Soo a phone just put the Vita to shame because they just made a single application capable of putting down almost every damn PS Vita game..... That's sad, help save the Vita


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