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Netflix first film to be released theatrically and streaming on the same day was a bold choice. As I watched the film and saw the locations they used was beautiful. I've read how this movie didn't fair to well in theaters with people saying, "I think the problem is simply the film is incredibly DARK. Do people want to leave their house to be absolutely DEMORALIZED?" While some say, "It has no franchise brand name, no brand name star (sorry, Idris, 90% of America never heard of ya)" I on the other had don't believe this to be true. It's box office haul was $50,6099 budget about $6 million.


Did you like the movie?

Idris has great screen presence and it really shows in this film. His role as the Commandant was delivered with a performance that says Oscar worthy. I also started with liking his character then slowly hating him. That's what you call good acting. If you haven't seen any of his works then your missing out. Checkout Luther it's streaming on Netflix also he's in The Losers, Thor 1 and 2 as well as in The Office season 5. This is just some of his work he has plenty more.

Abraham Attah made his film debut and he didn't disappoint with his performance. Which is a good thing especially if your working along Idris. If his performance was bad his scenes with Idris would've fallen flat. Abraham managed to make you feel for his character and believe his pain. He starts off as an innocent village boy then has to grown up very quickly. He see's and does things no kid his age should have to endure. Let's hope this young actor can shine in his other projects.

The subject matter in the film might be hard for people to watch since you hears stories on the news. I for one am glad they didn't shy away from some of the things they did. In the world they built you can't have it be some what dark and slightly pleasant. That would be a lie and not a good film. I enjoyed this movie checkout my review on You Tube.


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