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Liv tries to be friends with Major. Ravi fights Blaine. And Clive gets closer to the truth. All in this week's iZombie!


Liv and Major Are Just Friends

Last week's episode ended with a make-out session between Liv and Major. This week's started the same way. But Liv stops it pretty quickly when she realizes that she could be turning Major into a zombie. Well, back to a zombie. He, of course, argues every (good) point she makes. She, of course, wants to stay friends. That doesn't last.

The brain of the week came from a beloved basketball coach, so Liv is constantly making sports references. And even fights with Clive other the Knicks. So, you can imagine the delight I felt when she started giving Major a pep talk about getting off of Utopium. It was even better when Major ends it all with "You're weird".

But of course, Major doesn't tell Liv everything. He is still working for Max Rager tracking down zombies. However, he finds one and the zombie had a young child, and Major couldn't do it. So, he tells Glida that every person he found was not a zombie. Oh, and that they should mix business with pleasure. She doesn't believe him on either account.

So, in the end, Major tells Liv he can't just be friends. He wants more. And it seems like she is cool with it. And Major ma or may not continue his downward spiral. Because if he doesn't, this would have been one short spiral and I want it to be longer.

Oh, and Major now coaches the dead guy's youth basketball team. Good for him. Back to helping wayward youths.

Blaine Helps Out Ravi

Blaine finally gets Ravi a bottle of tainted Utopium. He is ready to start his months long research into the cure, but everybody, from Liv to Blaine, wants him to hurry up and get to over with.

This leads to one of my favorite scenes in the series. Blaine shows up, demanding the cure. Remember the drug dealer from last week, well he accidentally injects himself with the Utopium and Max Rager, which instantly kills him. So now, Ravi has an instant zombie killer. And Blaine wants it.

So, Blaine and Ravi fight over the cure. They run around the morgue passing the anti-cure to each other. And it is just delightful. Too bad had to end. Which it does when Ravi smashes the bottle.

Ravi is now back to square one. The Utopium was not the drug he needed. Good thing he didn't inject any of his rats with it.

Clive is Getting Warmer

In between solving the case and beating up a dad hitting his kid, Clive was once again working on the Meat Cute case. And he starts by asking Suzuki's widow if he was suicidal. This gets him in trouble. And while he is getting reprimanded, Agent Dale Bozzio decides to entertain Clive.

Bozzio is a great addition to the show. And gives Clive someone out of the loop to bounce ideas off of. And she progresses plot forward. She tells Clive that the missing astronaut's DNA was found in one of Meat Cute's drains. Add in the frozen brain that Suzuki's widow gave him, and Clive is getting closer to Zombietown.

Gilda Steals Liv's Blood

Max Rager is testing zombies, but the zombies are all too far gone. So, Gilda has to get Liv's blood. And she gets it pretty easily. Liv also spills that she and Major made out. So, she really isn't all that happy at the moment.

What did you think about this week's episode?


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