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Halloween may be over, but that doesn't mean there's not time for a good ghost story. I'm sure everyone's got that one friend who has had a paranormal experience, or maybe it's your story that you're trying to tell. Personally, I am a sucker for any kind of true paranormal tale, but when those stories are told from the mouths of the well-known, they seem to have more of a punch.

Recently I stumbled upon a show on LMN Network called, The Haunting Of... featuring psychic medium Kim Russo. Kim meets up with a celebrity that has had a paranormal experience, in the place where it occurred. I've watched about a dozen of these encounters at this point, and while I tend to be a bit skeptical of psychics and mediums, she has pulled off some really great moments.

Meatloaf Confronts An Angry Spirit in the Recording Studio Who Turns Out the Lights:

If you continue on with the episode, Meatloaf decides to confront the invisible force in the corner, letting "Joe" know that he didn't break him.

Margaret Cho Has Some Electrifying Experiences in her Kitchen:

Throughout Margaret's episode, she's also confronted with the ghosts of her past and her family. By the time they are through, she seems to have found a bit of peace with Kim's guidance, and the decision to just not go back to that house again. Ever.

Gina Gershon Was Tormented at Night By an Active Spirit With Bad Intentions:

If what Kim tells Gina in this clip is true, I can't imagine how anyone could ever want to cook in that kitchen again, let alone sleep in that bedroom!

Patrick Muldoon Experienced an Attempted Possession:

Sleepless nights are one thing, but being terrorized in your slumber by a ghost trying to possess you is unimaginable! In the episode where Patrick Muldoon tells Kim about his experience, she tries to figure out what this angry spirit wanted with him.

Whether you are a true believer or not, The Haunting of... is definitely worth a watch, just to hear each story being told. You can catch new episodes airing at 8-12 pm on the LMN Network every Thursday night.


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