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Since the unexpected ending of Iron Man 3, fans have been wondering what's next not only for Tony Stark but for his suit as well. It is no secret that Robert Downey Jr's contract with Marvel is nearing its end. Some fans assume an Iron Man 4 will be churned out before we get to that point, while others think RDJ may hang up the repulsor armor for good.

Let's entertain the notion that Robert Downey Jr is done with Marvel after the Infinity War films. What's next for Tony Stark and his suit?

Let's say Marvel gives the Iron Man character a break for a while. With characters like Doctor Strange, Black Panther, and Captain Marvel being launched they don't really need Stark anymore anyway.

Let's say five to ten years goes by, without a Tony Stark/Iron Man appearance. He's somewhat forgotten (but not really) and fans would be entertained by a reboot with a young updated cast. This will give the film an opportunity to grow into another franchise and allow the characters to grow into their roles as they age. Similar to what Marvel is doing now with our friendly neighborhood Spiderman.

So with that being said here is my updated reboot of the Iron Man franchise starring:

Iron Man- Ty Simpkins

Just kidding! this isn't a reboot, this is a continuation, something that Marvel has been secretly cooking up behind the fanboys' backs since IM3. In the third installment of the Iron Man franchise we were introduced to Harley, a young boy with a tremendous amount of curiosity and bravery. Stark instantaneously created a father/son like bond with Harley to the point where his role almost seemed unfinished by the end of the film.

Maybe Harley's growing interest in Iron Man was a preview of whats to come, and for good reason. A passing of the torch would be accepted a lot quicker than a reboot trying to erase RDJ's Stark from memory. Ten years after the events of Iron Man 3, Stark finally decides to hang up the hulkbuster and give its rights to a young boy with a bright future.

Now this is not exactly accurate by comic book standards at all. Simpkins' character doesn't even exist in the comics so this is a little far-fetched but I think it'd be a great spin to the franchise as long as a few other key characters remain, and by key characters I mean...


Let's face it, the villains in the Iron Man trilogy have been forgettable at best. This is going to change with my reboot/continuation. For now on there will be menacing villains that will torture the psyche of the person inside of the Iron Man suit. To satisfy hurt fans, The Mandarin will be the first villain, hunting down Iron Man with his ten power rings.

For this role we need an established veteran actor who plays an old Mandarin, that rivals the young inexperienced man of iron. Someone who's played menacing roles in the past that were somewhat similar.

The Mandarin- Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa

That's right, Shang Tsung himself will be playing the skilled martial artist. His role as Tsung in Mortal Kombat had a viciousness that he can bring to the Mandarin character, making him more sinister than his Ben Kingsley played predecessor. There will be a new era of darkness for Marvel's beloved Iron Man, but although Mandarin is his most tested villain, he isn't the only one.

In the Iron Man comics, Donnie Gill is a former employee of Tony Stark's rival, Justin Hammer. Hammer manipulated Gill into believing that Iron Man was an enemy of the world. Justin then awarded Gill with the blizzard suit that would eventually make him one of Iron Mans most memorable foes: The Blizzard.

For Blizzard we need a young impressionable actor capable of displaying psychological imperfections. Someone who can play crazy in other words, for which I have just the guy.

The Blizzard- Dane Dehaan

Dane Dehann is known for his psychotic roles in Chronicle and The Amazing Spiderman 2 and is an expert in the art of psychotic. Now all that needs to be added is a little chemistry to make he and Harley's relationship close. Maybe they worked together at Stark Industries only for Dehaan to head over to Justin's Hammer Industries after a scuffle with Tony Stark.

With these unique villains I can't see this version of our favorite Avenger being unsuccessful. Fans will love to see the Mandarin done correctly, while a friend turned foe aspect with the Blizzard will be a familiar plot to draw audiences to theaters.

You may even wonder if a young Harley would even be able to handle these villains considering he's only been Iron Man for a short period of time in this universe. Can he even handle the tremendous amount of pressure the suit brings forth at such a young age? Will his inexperience be his downfall? And the biggest question of all, will he want to do as Tony Stark did before him and reveal his identity to the public?

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