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To give you a idea of what type of web series this is, I have never seen something so depraved, so disgusting, so horrifying in my entire life. Yet, why do I keep coming back to it? I have no idea, and honestly I don't want to know. But lets look at it anyway.

Don't Hug Me I'm Scared (or DHMIS as its abbreviated.) is a "children's" puppet show that teaches "children" about subjects like creativity, time, love, technology and food. But in the worst way possible. It centers around three main characters, a giant red tentacle monster, a green bird/duck thing, and some reject from The Simpsons.

The calm before the storm...
The calm before the storm...

The first one is about creativity, and has our "friends" just sitting around not doing anything, when suddenly Satan himself manifests itself into a note-pad. Well, not really, but if I had to guess, that's what happened. Anyway, this starts her (yes, the notepad is a her.) song about her favorite thing: creativity. This inspires the puppets to join in and become creative themselves! And, as you will soon see, things don't go too well...

Be warned, there will be blood.

Did you enjoy that? Well, DID YOU?! Yeah, have fun sleeping tonight. Because I won't! To be honest, this video has some pretty good puppeteering (if that is a word) and the visuals are pretty amazing. This does at lest look like actual effort went into it. Secondly, the music fits the video pretty damn well. When it shadows itself as a fun, happy little show about puppets, it puts on a Sesame Street mask with its music, and then when it shows its dark interior, it goes chaos mode with flutes, wind and brass going all over the place and some weird chanting, ending with a scream from someone we don't know (probably me). And god damn it if it is not effective. Really think about it, what would this short film without the music to accompany it? But, your probably think to your self "What the hell did I just watch?" and you have a right to say that. But hiding through this video is a very subtle view on censorship and children's TV. I'll let this man explain.

Pretty cool huh? And once this was released onto the world via This Is It Productions, the world couldn't get enough of the murderous puppets. It got played via Sundance, SXSW and other various places. So obviously, a sequel was underway. And boy, does the second one sure change the game.

Yep. They melt.

And like the first one, it's pretty damn well visually. Not only have the puppets significantly improved from looking like Bart Simpson with blue hair pulling a double chin, but now they have tried to also test out 2D animation. And its looks pretty damn good. From the apple slowly decaying to the representation of ye old London, it looks great. Hell, even this time round the music got better! If that demonic ending bit wasn't in there, I probably would listen to this on Spotify. But that demonic bit is in there so I can't. But yet again, the ending to the song does exist. And by god, it's terrifying. Jesus, I always get creeped out by psychological stuff like that. And yet again, this says some pretty good stuff on the portrail of death in media. Again, here is Vinny.

But this time, the video did not get nearly as popular. Well, by the critics at lest. The fan base on the other half was so big it rivaled that of Five Nights At Freddy's now these days. So, they decided to go to the one place they knew would get funding. Kickstarter.

God damn, even the kickstarter announcement video is creepy as hell! When this was released I thought "Its OK, people are not insane enough to give these people £104,905. Right? RIGHT?" And sure enough, like fate just says screw you to my face, it gets funded. Greeeeeeaaaaaat.

Soon after it get funded, I hear rumors from my friends (Who love the show) that I have to watch the new one. Number 3. So, after much bargaining, I swallow my pride, my hopes and my fears and watch.

Wait, that's it? Really? No giant burning scene or anything? THANK THE GODS! This was the first time that I fully analyzed a DHMIS video before, because I felt a lot more safer about watching it. First of all, the sets are now improved, with not one, not two, but four sets! That must have taken a long time to properly set up, as well to puppeteer inside of it. As well, the music is excellent. While it also fits the video, the insane endings that are usually associated with DHMIS has been swapped out for... oddly enough TomSka style humor. Huh. (Well, at this point in the show, TomSka became associate producer.) But the humor hits home quite well. But that's not the point. With DHMIS, the formula has always been, the puppets are doing nothing, a teacher comes in and teaches them about a subject, and then chaos ensues. This time, the puppets are doing something, a puppet leaves, a teacher shows them a subject, and a little bit of chaos ensues. Interesting. Oh and for the meaning? Religion. Lets bring back that lovely chap.

And from here I will probably just be rambling from how much I LOVE the next installment of the show, which deals with subjects like technology. And I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE it. So much.

First of all, the cinematography is the best the show has had to this point. Slow pans and close ups are extremely hard to do with puppets, so it's pretty spectacular that they pulled it off. Secondly, the 3D animation fits the mood perfectly, with it being not amazing yet not terrible. Thirdly, the music fits the video perfectly, with it starting with a slow, melancholy tune, transforming into a high techno beat, then distorts the sh*t out of it when entering "Digital Dancing" mode. And for that ending? Probably the best that the show has put on since number 2. I think that the message is pretty easy to figure out, put just in case you had not put the pieces together, yet again, the chap over at Youtube Explained will explain.

But, sadly, all things must come to an end. This being that the next video I am about to show you is the second to last video in the DHMIS series. And I was hyped. To give you an idea on why I had hyped myself up, it was that the gap between DHMIS 4 and DHMIS 5 was


Yeah, it was quite a while. But, in the lovely time of October, we received this.

Number 5. As you can see, this one uses the most sets out of all of the videos in the show, with a whopping 6 sets used. As well, the music has been, well, simplified to say the lest. With the music being consisted of around 4 beats. As well, the subtlety is pretty good, but....well, lets be honest here. This is the most boring one out of them all. Yes, there is that bit with the organs, and it does bring some jokes for fans, but that's about it. Its definitely disturbing like the others, but in a weird, forced kind of way. But, yet again, there is some hidden message so, here is Vinny again. Also penis.

So, this show is coming to a close, and I don't know how to feel about it. In one way, I am glad. No more disturbing imagery, no more nightmares, no more analyzing. On the other hand, there is no more creativity, no more charming music (for the most part), no more smart metaphors about censorship and media. After the 6th installment, what will happen to these puppets? Will they fade off into obscurity? Lets hope not, because its one of the most creative, charming and disturbing things I have ever seen.

Oh well. At lest I get a good night sleep.


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