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Last month, we got some nice concept art of our heroes from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice at New York Comic-Con from costume designer Michael Wilkinson on DC All Access. The concept art showed art designs of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman to much praise from fans. Today, a new batch of concept art featuring Batman was released by conceptual artist Jerad S. Marantz. Here's what he had to say on Facebook:

"Finally get to show these! Here are some of the images that I painted for Batman versus Superman," Marantz wrote on Facebook. "I was fortunate enough to spend a bit of time on all of the characters, but was lucky enough to be able to focus on Illustrating the new Batman costume with the incredible costume designer Michael Wilkinson. This was a childhood dream come true."

Man I have to tell you I'm getting more and more excited for this film with every new bit of information released. And to think we have to wait four more months!

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