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This fall we got the chance to see some good and not so good new series hit the TV screen. Some were successful, others have flopped and probably won't stay around for very long. I decided to give some of the new shows a chance, some impressed me, others not so much.


I was very excited for this show to premiere, just like every other superhero fan. With the popularity of superhero TV shows at the moment it's no surprise that this show has been very hyped. But what makes this show so special is that we have a strong female hero as the lead. The show is fun to watch and it's easy to get hooked on to. Right now, Supergirl is only two episodes in so it will be easy to catch up so I say play it.

The Muppets

I've always been a Muppets fan, and I was so excited when I heard they were getting their own show this fall. However, this series has been a complete disappointment. It's almost like it's The Muppets meets The Office kind of show, especially with all the behind the scenes "interviews." The jokes aren't funny and it's not very family friendly. And there's so many celebrity guests stars, I can't even keep track anymore. If you want mindless TV to fall asleep to, you may enjoy The Muppets. If not, I suggest you pass.

Blood & Oil

This night time soap opera had lots of potential in the beginning. But it stuck true to the term soap opera. Drama in every episode, it always seems like something crazy is going on. Every character has their own plot line and there's just way too many plot lines and it is really hard to keep up with it. Also, what's up with Chace Crawford's accent? Anyone know? Anyways I say pass on this show, it's probably going to get cancelled anyways.


Quantico has been a big surprise for me this season. I thought the show looked good, but I had no idea it would be this amazing. This mystery drama is focused on FBI recruits at their training school, Quantico, but once they graduate, it turns out one of them is a terrorist and is framing our beautiful and strong lead, Priyanka Chopra. There's drama, action, romance, basically a little something for everyone. It's easy to get hooked on and this show is a definite play!

Grandfathered" title="">

John Stamos back on my TV screen?! Yes please! Here I am thinking I'd have another show with good old Uncle Jesse but boy was I wrong. I really wanted to like this show but something about it just did not capture my attention. And the jokes on the show can barely make me chuckle. If you want a weak and not so funny sitcom, give it a play. If you want to laugh, I suggest you pass.

The Grinder" title="">

Now if you want to watch a funny sitcom on Fox you need to watch The Grinder. Rob Lowe plays an actor who played a lawyer on TV (ironic right) and Fred Savage plays his brother and (get this) he's an actual lawyer. These two have great chemistry and are a hilarious pair. They both have funny dialogue, Savage is more sarcastic and witty while Lowe has great one liners and quotable lines, like "Grinder rests." You'll find yourself quoting it. Trust me. This show is literally a play.

Scream Queens

If you wanted to watch a spoof of American Horror Story then Scream Queens is the show for you. This show is not like a regular horror movie TV show, in fact it's mainly a spoof on them. It's a lot like Scary Movie, remember that franchise? It's more comedic rather than scary which is what makes it so enjoyable. It's over the top and full of sarcasm and basically mocks all of the modern day scary movies and modern day stereotypes. I'd say this show is a play.

Those are the new fall shows I've checked out this season. Some were impressive, others not so much... We all know cancelation season is upon us, so hopefully some of these shows get to stay while the bad ones get the axe.

What do you think? Any new fall shows that you've fallen in love in with? Any new shows you can't stand? Leave your opinions in the comment section below.


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