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Spectre, the most recent Bond film and the last showing of Daniel Craig as the iconic super agent, premieres this weekend and it's looking incredible!

With all the usual bad guys, Bond girls and martinis (including a new offering created for the film), Spectre looks very promising as a return to some more classic Bond-style adventures. Of course, with so many films in the Bond back catalog, it's hard to say which one is best... but we can always look to the numbers for a little comparison!

This fantastic new infographic by Costume Super Centre does just that; pitting classics and modern Bond against each other in terms of box office draw, bond girls, kills, and booze.


While there are plenty of bad blockbusters and amazing indie gems, it's still interesting to see who tops the charts in terms of cold hard cash. Of course, these figures aren't adjusted for inflation (I believe), so it's not a perfect comparison. Still, it seems that Skyfall is still topping charts with a whopping $1,110,526,981! Compare that to the first Bond, Dr. No, that pulled only $59,567,035.

Actors and Alcohol

Everyone has a favorite Bond, whether you are in the Connery camp, have been won over by Craig, or are even part of that minority of Dalton-lovers. But by the numbers, Sean Connery and Roger Moore are neck and neck at seven films each.

The alcohol is actually a little surprising though. It seems that Bond always has a drink in hand, but in over twenty six films, only 227 units have been consumed. That's just under nine units a movie... which, when you think about it, is actually pretty restrained - three martinis a movie. (I've consumed more than that watching a Bond film!)

Girls and Games

Hands up if you still own a copy of a Goldeneye game! The incredibly successful first person shooter has sold over 8 million copies (one of which is in my living room).

The iconic Bond Girl, however, may be on her way out. The numbers of these sexy ladies has dropped hugely from the first films. This isn't necessarily a bad thing though, instead, Bond is making his way into the modern age with women as bosses and partners, not just conquests.

Villains and Violence

Finally, it's time for a look at the bad guys. Bond took on the most baddies in the '80s, making Brosnan an impressively violent version of the spy as his run in the '90s saw the most kills by far. Collateral damage, hopefully?

I can't wait to see how Craig stacks up, and what Spectre will add to this impressive list. In the meantime, check out some of these other infographics from Costume Super Center: DC Comics Fiercest Females, and Everything You Need To Know About Marvel's Civil War!


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