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Catch up with the famous stars this Diwali on HBO India in the prime time at 9 pm. The channel comes up with a never-to-forget extravaganza with films like Noah, Journey to the Centre of the Earth and Ghost Rider.

Dussehra is gone and Diwali is round the corner. The effigies of Demon Ravana have been burnt and we are set to celebrate the homecoming of Lord Rama after the long waged battle in an attempt to save Sita from his clutches. Festivals come and go but the season of flicks is here to stay. There is no ideal time for movie lovers to sit down and watch their favourite blockbuster festive movies this month.

The November month brings with itself a number of its past memories to allow you to spend a happy leisure. Catch the action which will be telecast only on HBO India, 24/7 HD movies channel. This time the channel is featuring films of the horror-thriller and action-adventure that are surely to give you a hell-raising experience.

Attend the fair of Mega Hollywood Movies in November and turn on the heat in this weather of cold winds as the list goes-

Final Destination 3

Starring Mary Winstead, Kristopher Lemche and Ryan Merriman, this James Wong film is about a group of students from high school who escape death due to a derailing rollercoaster ride after trusting the premonitions of a young girl. Though, the ending is painful when the characters have to endure the gruesome torture and give up after 93 minutes. The 2006 flick may remind you of the signature Jeffrey Reddick style.


Actors like Jennifer Connelly, Russell Crowe and Anthony Hopkins in this coming-of-age epic based on Noah’s Ark. Noah (Russell Crowe) is tasked with building an ark as he is the chosen one by the creator of the world. He needs to complete the work before the world is swept by an apocalyptic flood. This 138 minutes’ movie was filmed in 2014. Watch the real story behind this mythological tale which is the most awaited among the English movies to watch in Diwali. Tune-in to the story of hope, courage and sacrifice directed by Darren Aronofsky.

Ghost Rider

Released in 2007, this flick is inspired by a character from Marvel Comics. Nicholas Cage plays a Ghost Rider opposite to his girlfriend Roxanne Simpson (Eva Mendes). The Ghost Rider approached by the Devil and assigned the work of fighting the offspring of the evil soul himself. Find out if he succeeds in his mission as per his deal with Mephistopheles (Peter Fonda), the Devil.

Journey to the Centre of the Earth

The weather is just right for prime time movies and we are ready to go on a Journey to the Centre of the Earth in 93 minutes. Featuring Josh Hutcherson, Brendan Fraser and Anita Briem, the science fantasy adventure film is about a scientist, Trevor Anderson (Brendan Fraser) who is on the quest of searching his lost brother. Watch how he discovers an unknown world on the way which goes to the centre of earth.

300: Rise of an Empire

This 2014 flick is one of the latest to broadcast on HBO India, an HD English movies channel. The fantasy war film was made under the direction of Noam Murro. Based on a graphic novel, Xerxes, this 102 minutes epic battle between Greek General Themistocles (Sullivan Stapleton) and the Persian army led by Artemisia (Eva Green) and Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro) is a must-watch in the late autumn.


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