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Ever since appearing in [Marvel](tag:932254)'s 2010 Iron Man 2, Black Widow has become a fan favourite instantly. Being the only female on the team up until [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035) now let's get to the point of this which is the number one question for Black Widow fans: Does Black Widow deserve a movie? And I think hell yeah! This movie will probably give black widow fans a chance to explore the background of Natasha Romanov since Natasha doesn't really have a explained origin story also giving us a chance to also look at her time in the red room where she was trained to become a deadly assassin.

“I’ve spoken to Kevin about it. I mean, of course, of course we’ve had that conversation before, and I think Kevin would also like to see a standalone film. I think I can speak for him and say that. That’s all, really. Right now I think this character is used well in this part of the universe, but I think that Kevin—I mean, we’ve talked about it and we both share similar vision for what could be a standalone series,” said Scarlett Johansson.

Those were the reasons possible now let's look at the not so possible reasons here is 1 and only reason is female heroines have never had a great time in super hero movies like cat woman and Elektra who won't that successful. But if Marvel ever changes their mind and makes a Black Widow movie (hope they do fingers crossed) we will able to explore her mystrious past.


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