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Is Master Roshi Hiding Powers? Will Master Roshi Be The Final Challenge Of Goku?

In Dragon Ball: Resurrection F, we see Master Roshi coming to the battlefield, while Yamcha and Chiatzuo didn't come because they were too weak!

Apparently, Yamcha was shown to be stronger than Vegeta-Gohan-Krillen from the Frieza saga as Yamcha took out the ginyu force effortlessly at King Kai's place along with other Z warriors. Then again, Yamcha gained that much strength by getting to train at the other-wold.

While Roshi didn't engage in a single serious fight and was shown as a side comedic-pervert character. But, in resurrection F we see him taking out Frieza's soldier quite easily and then when he stopped it appeared that he didn't use his full power - and was holding back. He may also be a bit rusty due to lack of recent training. Still, he could kill all the weak warriors and Frieza - but you know why he didn't, right?

According to comments written by Toriyama Akira in Jump Comics’ ‘Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F, Volume F’ (ドラゴンボールZ 復活のF F巻) , Master Roshi is mentioned to be “only that strong if he feels like it”.

Master Roshi is really a master of hidden powers. Imagine the temptation of going out in that buff form to get boobs. But, he defeated his temptation. If he can defeat a temptation that strong, he can surely defeat Goku, Beerus, Vegeta and other weak fighters within seconds. Till DBZ, we didn't see him fighting in his buffed form. He only used the Kamehameha wave in that form but now we see he can even fight in that form! And you never know how many more forms he can transform into when required...

Have you ever wondered why Goku became the strongest saiyan and is able to adapt so much?

As we know, he was born as a 'weak' saiyan compared to his brother and other greats. But,the moment he met Master Roshi finalized that he will one day become the strongest Saiyan. Master Roshi gave Goku the basic training no Saiyan ever got, and that training in the beginning (and its value) allowed Goku to undertake other training and keep getting stronger.

One of his superior training ideologies is to never let his student feel that they've achieved everything. For which he played the first martial arts tournament as Jackie Chun and walked out of the 2nd when he realized Tien would be enough to hold down Goku. Later on he realized Goku had reached a level when winning such tournaments wouldn't be a matter of pride for him, so he discontinued worrying about that. Meanwhile, Life-taking opponents like Raditz, Vegeta, Frieza, Cell, Buu and Beerus kept coming so he never felt the necessity of doing something himself again. Every instance of Master Roshi's failure or not fighting was done willingly by him because he knew, one way or the other, Goku will protect the earth and everything will be back to normal. He killed himself willingly during his encounter with King Picollo, only to motivate Goku.

Look at this video. Master Roshi almost lost his control, got buffed and was about to stomp Broly. But, he realized that will spoil the game for Goku and his friends. So, he ran away. Notice that Broly stopped laughing and turned around to see master Roshi. Broly doesn't have humour or care about trivial matters. Its only superior power levels and death threats that could turn him around. And being the legendary saiyan, he could sense the hidden power level of Roshi. But, since Roshi transformed back to normal and ran away he decided to ignore it! Thanks to Roshi for not ruining that great movie in seconds!

You know Roshi is immortal (in that he can't die naturally) so he might also be using places like the Time Chamber to train and get even more superior. Besides, Roshi is a smart guy. Here's a secret he did not share with you about Kamehameha... Kamehameha is a technique currently owned by Roshi. When someone learns it, Roshi also benefits. Whenever Goku used Kamehameha, some of Goku's power kept getting transferred to Roshi. That's not all! When Kamehameha destroys someone, it actually transfers that destroyed being's power to Roshi. Even damages done are a way to absorb power, all of which gets transferred to Roshi. So, when Goku masters this, conquers universe 6 and a time comes when he fails to find his opponent, he will get to see the last chapter of Roshi's training.

Yes, kids! Goku will have to fight the (secretly) strongest God of perverts - Master Roshi.

"Goku,did you really thought your training with me is over? Today is the day you will find out why you call me the master." - Master Roshi

If Goku fails to put up a decent fight, Roshi will probably abandon him as his student. But, its more likely that Goku will be able to impress Roshi.

Haters will say this is an illogical conspiracy theory, but some will see through this and wait to see the power of the amazing Roshi.


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