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During my PAX Aus 2015 adventures, I got to see some awesome games from developers both large and small. Although all the indie developers brought amazing games to showcase, there was one that stood out from the rest. That game came from the mind of a 4-year-old. Pick your face and color, and prepare to get wacky - let's take a look at Inflatality!

Two inflatable, wavy-arm people beating each other senseless.
Two inflatable, wavy-arm people beating each other senseless.

Inflatality is a very simple game, but contains loads of wacky, crazy fun! You and a friend (or enemy) both play as inflatable, wavy-arm people (wavers) which you can customize by changing their face and color. The overall aim of the game, like any fighting-style game, is to beat each other senseless. But with Inflatality, it's so much funnier! Playing the gaming using an Xbox controller, you control the body of your waver using the left stick, and then control your arms with the right. In the end, you are left watching your waver flail about relentlessly in an effort to beat up your opponent . And if that's not enough for you, wait until you get the inflatable hammer to smack your opponent around! All of this leads to incredibly hilarious gameplay that will leave you and anyone else watching in stitches!

Aaah. Such nonsensical nonsense!
Aaah. Such nonsensical nonsense!

Now, not only is the gameplay for Inflatality some of the funniest I've seen in a long time, but it's humble origin is something that brings a tear to my eye. The idea of Inflatality came from developer Rick Salter's 4-year-old son. That's right, a 4-year-old boy came up with the idea of two wavers fighting in the most ridiculous ways possible! The story starts with Salter driving past a car dealership which, of course, featured wavers. It wasn't until his son said, "Daddy, they're fighting", did the light-bulb light up above Salter's head. And thus, Inflatality was born!

I have to admit, not only is Inflatality one of the weirdest games I've ever played, but it's also one of the funniest! The fact that you are trying to control a waver as you flop and flail everywhere creates some hilarious moments. I even ended up unintentionally hugging my opponent for most of my match! In the end, Inflatality is one of those games that doesn't bring much to the table, but impresses everyone in the room!

Inflatality also has the best dance moves!

Overall, Inflatality isn't meant to be about the amazing story or quality characters. Heck, it isn't meant to be about the in depth gameplay either. It's simply meant to be two wavers duking it out until the other is deflated. And that, my friends, is something this world sorely needs!

Want to check out the pre-alpha gameplay video? You can here!

Final Details

Inflatality is currently in active development for Mac, PC and Consoles, and is aiming for an early 2016 release. You can find more information about the game on the Inflatality site or by following Hojo Studio on Twitter!


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