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Jamil Wright

Now, if you've seen The Walking Dead and are a fan of the show, you know how amazing Carol can be. If you've seen the latest episode, you now know how and why Morgan has changed. Well, in this article I'll give my 2 reasons Carol may end up Killing Morgan this season.

Spoiler Alert

1. Different methods

Now as we all know, Carol and Morgan both have very different ways of handling things when it comes to taking a life. Morgan likes to find the peace behind everything and tries to avoid killing anyone as much as possible, while Carol won't hesitate at all to blow your brains out. With that being said, could these differences cause conflict and tension between the two as the season progresses?

2. War

Another occurence that could lead Carol to possibly killing Morgan, would be an all out war between two different groups. One side is okay with killing and the other side is against it. We all know Gabriel doesn't like killing and after Jessie's first time killing in previous episodes, who's not to say she won't be against it either? Not to mention Deanna was against killing in season 5. Could Morgan convince her to bring back this rule in Alexandria? Also, here is a video to give you more of an idea of what I mean.

Crazy right?

The Walking Dead season 6 continues Sundays on AMC.


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