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Now, we arguably don't really need any more cause to be over-excited about the upcoming Captain America: Civil War -- seeing as it's a Marvel Studios-produced movie about Captain America and Iron Man beating the snot out of one another, which is basically just another way of saying 'joy.'

If we did, though -- were, for instance, our superheroic enthusiasm levels flagging in the face of (the equally over-excitement-inducing) Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens -- then the latest Civil War-related promo image to leak would likely be the perfect booster shot. The reason?

The Latest Leaked Captain America: Civil War Promo Image Features Cap and Iron Man Going Head to Head

Quite literally, in fact. The image, apparently originally posted online by intrepid Twitterer @VisioninaTux, may not tell us a whole lot else about the movie, or indeed do much more than highlight that it will, in fact, be the Cap v Iron Man fight-fest we already knew it would be -- but as it turns out, that's actually kind of enough.

After all, the prospect of Cap and Tony Stark going at it with fists a-blazing on the big screen has fascinated us all for years now (and way longer if you just stick with the comic books), so even a simple reminder that they will in actual fact be doing just that in just a few short months is arguably cause for celebration.

Celebration, as is traditional, in the form of pictures of the pair punching one another...

...squaring off at major Marvel announcements...

...and, of course, posing for awesomely glaring-based pictures on social media...

Because, after all, that's exactly why we love them so much in the first place...

What do you reckon, though?



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