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*Possible Season 6 spoilers lie ahead!*

Morgan's return to The Walking Dead in Season 6 was an interesting development for the show. The dystopian series, based on Robert Kirkman's comic book series of the same name, has essentially thrown itself into popular culture, standing with Game of Thrones as an iconic franchise of the age.

Now, before I get into this, I feel obligated to tell you that I'm basing this discussion simply on The Walking Dead television show, rather than the source material, which will be a much bigger article in the near future. I'm a huge fan of the show, and thus my knowledge and this discussion will be centered around the adventures on the small screen.

So, Morgan is back and has already taken center stage a few times. He even had his own episode, 'Here's Not Here,' which explored his adventures as he caught up with the main bulk of the cast, as well as outlining his journey down the rabbit hole, exploring his struggle with sanity and his place in the world.

'Here's Not Here' also revealed how Morgan got so badass with a bow staff, showing that he learned aikido from a former forensic psychologist turned cheesemaker and zombie-killer -- Eastman. More importantly, Eastman taught Morgan the value of life, a dangerous move amidst a zombie apocalypse.

So What Does the Future Hold for Morgan?

1. Destined for Darkness

Morgan is the character who first taught Rick how to survive in the new world, and threatened to kill him before we were even accustomed to the dystopian zombie paradise.

When we next saw him, he was out of his mind with a huge stockpile of weapons and grudge against walkers. Whereas he's now a proven badass killer, and although he's got a new respect for life, before that we know he set his sights on killing anything that moved.

So, what if Morgan's new attitude of peace and love is temporary, and he's soon to go off the rails once more?

Having a badass killer around is handy in The Walking Dead, in fact it's necessary to have as many as possible, but as proven with Shane, having someone who kills indiscriminately is dangerous. Morgan is arguably a better fighter than Shane, and could do some real damage if he decided to start "clearing" when already part of a group.

So is Morgan headed towards an antagonistic role in the group. I'm sure someone would eventually stop him, but he'd take a lot of people with him.

Shane killed a little and Rick put him down for good, so what will happen if Morgan decides to start "clearing?"

2. Morgan the Outcast

In contrast, Morgan's new pacifist approach could ultimately be permanent, in which case, how will the rest of the group respond to his voice of morality undermining their attempt to survive?

Once upon a time the group would tolerate or even welcome a perpetual voice of reason, but most of them eventually acclimated to the new world; the kind, voice-of-reason characters who didn't change ultimately died. It's for this reason that Morgan is an anomaly: he's a moralistic character in a world where such character traits are not only abnormal but dangerous.

In a world where only the strong survive, you can't let your enemies live, simply because they'll come back stronger and more determined.

So if the group accept that Morgan's pacifism is ultimately harmful to them, could this eventually lead to them killing him? If so, I predict that the likely culprit would be a good character who has gone dark, troubled by Morgan's morality which serves as a reminder of their own failings.

In this case the most likely character is Carol, who has adapted to her surroundings better than anyone, or possibly Rick, who has gone darker than any other good character on the show.

At very least it's perfectly logical to assume that they would banish him. Kindness, pacifism and a desire to preserve life just can't exist when you're fighting animalistic murderers, thieves and rapists; so how long does Morgan have left?

3. Death Is Inevitable

Similarly, there's a chance that Morgan's death is inevitable regardless of whether or not he's killed by his allies. Like it or not, kind characters just don't live long in The Walking Dead.

There are of course likable characters and fan favorites, but genuinely kind, honorable and empathetic characters rarely live long on the show. Hershel, Tyreese, Dale, Beth... kind characters just seem to die, and others such as Carol and Rick became dark out of sheer necessity.

So with this in mind, what happens if Morgan continues to be the voice of reason? Yes, he can fight, but someone with an inability to kill doesn't belong on the show, and will ultimately lead to their own death or to catastrophe.


Which do you think is most likely?

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