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There is nothing wrong with a bit of change, and sometimes that change can be just as sick as the original.

Below is a list of genderswapped fan art that is giving me some incredible inspiration for Halloween next year (yes, I am already thinking that far ahead!).

1. Aladdina and Jazz

Art by: DororDraws

She may be a street rat, but she certainly is street smart.

2. BeetleJuice-y Couture

Art by: Amanda Schank

This will be my Halloween costume next year, hands down. Beetlejuice is one of my favorite Tim Burton films ever.

3. Cinderella Fella

Art by: miyuli

He cooks, he cleans, and he sure does clean up nicely. He's just waiting for his princess.

4. Lucia Skywalker

Art by: shorelle

She ain't afraid to use the Force if necessary, so don't cross her!

5. Hellgirl and Abbey Sapien

Art by: MarianoNavarro

She's fierce as hell, and her partner seems pretty badass too.

6. The Marauder-ettes

Art by: maaria

Much like Mean Girls, this group of four practically ruled Hogwarts before becoming incredibly mature adults.

7. The Winter Soldierette

Art by: axeeeee

Just look at that shield. This woman is ready to fight.

8. Lady Buzz Lightyear

Art by: TheFearMaster

This lady is really looking "too infinity and beyond" in this killer spacesuit. Get ready for lift off.

Whether man or women, these characters are still killer either way! Their genders may change, but their awesomeness hasn't at all.

[Source: Dorkly]


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