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Yesterday's episode of The Big Bang Theory served to honor legendary science fiction icon Leonard Nimoy, known for his role in the classic Star Trek franchise in which he played the iconic Mr. Spock.

This year, Leonard Nimoy died aged 83, and the pain of his family, friends and colleagues was reflected in millions of Nimoy's fans. Nimoy's death reverberated around the world, impacting countless people who grew up watching the star of Star Trek: The Original Series.

After Nimoy's death, The Big Bang Theory offered a touching post-credit tribute to the iconic actor: displaying a picture of Nimoy captioned, “The impact you had on our show and on our lives is everlasting.”

However, in a final act of decency towards the Star Trek star, the show offered the late actor a tribute which won't quickly be forgotten, by offering Nimoy's only son center stage on the hit television show.

Adam Nimoy is himself a film director and used his segment on The Big Bang Theory as a means of honoring his beloved father, who was referenced on the show many times, and regularly appeared on set.

Adam Nimoy's Documentary

It was recently announced that Adam Nimoy's appearance on the show will serve as a platform for him to talk about his upcoming documentary, which was originally intended to be centered around Mr. Spock, but was of course put on hold after his father's death. Adam then decided that the film would be better suited to chronicling the life of his iconic father

The Kickstarter-funded project is due to be released by early next year, and has had huge support from Leonard Nimoy's family, friends, former colleagues and fans.

'The Spock Resonance'

The Big Bang Theory episode, which at very least can be viewed as an attempt to improve upon their already touching tribute to the late actor, featured Star Trek actor and B.B.T. regular Will Wheaton.

Wheaton was used as a means of introducing Adam Nimoy to the narrative and really pulled the whole thing together.

Of course Will Wheaton was from a different rendition of Star Trek, however his presence was very welcome and added a splash of realism to the story.

We were then immediately introduced to Adam Nimoy, who played himself and spoke to protagonist Sheldon Cooper about his very-real documentary, which is due to be released next year.

Adam Nimoy then interviewed Sheldon, asking questions about his Star Trek experiences and of course about Leonard Nimoy's character Mr. Spock.

The whole sequence seems very natural and is, of course, realistic. But with the knowledge that the interviewer was really Nimoy's son, the experience becomes remarkably sad and touching.

This isn't an actor playing a role, this is a son paying tribute to his father shortly after his death. This is Adam Nimoy mourning his father and honoring him on screen. With this knowledge, the true depth of the episode becomes apparent.

Leonard Nimoy was a vital aspect of The Big Bang Theory, so seeing Nimoy's son take his place on the hit television show is remarkably touching. If you haven't watched it you should; the creators of the show allow comedy to take a back seat as they pay tribute to the iconic Leonard Nimoy one last time.

Leonard Nimoy on The Big Bang Theory

Leonard Nimoy appeared on screen countless times throughout his career, and regularly visited the set of The Big Bang Theory. The actor was an influential figure on the show, which accurately depicted him as a cultural icon and figure of gentle authority.

Although we'll never see any new appearances from Leonard Nimoy, his spirit will live on within the show, which I'm sure will continue to lovingly reference the actor.

Live long and prosper Leonard Nimoy -- gone, but never forgotten.

Watch Adam Nimoy's first appearance on The Big Bang Theory below.


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