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*Warning: Season Two Spoilers Lie Ahead. Definitely don't read if you haven't watched the Season Two Promotional Trailer, which I've included at the end.*

Zoom is the big-bad of choice for The Flash season two and has been behind pretty much every every antagonist in the season so far. It seems the mysterious Zoom isn't fond of speedsters, and having already de-powered Earth 2 Flash, Jay Garrick, Zoom has turned his attention to our own Barry Allen.

Zoom has now sent metahumans such as King Shark, Sand Demon and Dr. Light to face Barry, all of which have fortunately failed to kill him.

The promotional trailer for next weeks episode revealed that team Flash are planning on luring Zoom to them for a fight, which is a fantastic and surprising move on their part. Now, in addition to the incredible promotional trailer, the CW have released images from the episode which show Zoom! In fact, it's the best images of the character yet!

Have a look at the images and let me know what you think!

Images from "Enter Zoom."

1. Mid-Long shot of Zoom.

Zoom looks ready to brawl in this shot. I predicted he'd be pretty angry about getting lured into a trap, but if this him about to get revenge, or is he about to walk into the aforementioned trap?

2. Mid Close-Up Shot of Zoom.

Zoom just looks plain menacing in this shot, which says a lot about the quality of his costume. So who's behind the mask, and who or what is he staring at so intently?

3. Zoom VS The Flash!

This is the first shot we've ever seen of Zoom and The Flash facing-off, and it looks as though Zoom has the upper hand. The pair look like binary opposites of one another: similar, but simultaneously different.

Also, is that a knife in Zoom's right hand? If so then Barry could be in real trouble. If Zoom can match his speed then Barry is pretty much just going into a fight unarmed.

4. Zoom On Top.

It looks as though Zoom has the upper hand in his fight against The Flash; where are Barry's allies during all this? We know from the promotional trailer that he has a hell of a team waiting to take-out Zoom, so where are they?

Also, besides the colour of their suits and the faces, it's shocking how similar the pair look. Is this a coincidence or does it mean something important?

5. Harrison Wells Looking Like A Badass.

Harrison Wells looks pretty awesome here wielding the tech gun we saw in the trailer, but it looks as though he's getting up close and personal. Is Wells pointing his rifle at Zoom, or is someone else in his sights?

We really don't know Wells' loyalties thus far. I'm hoping he turns out to be a real ally; he made an awesome antagonist, but it's been done -- it's time for someone else to take up the mantel. Anyway, Zoom has his daughter!

6. Cisco and Wells -- Together Again.

The relationship between Cisco and Wells has been an interesting one. Here we see Cisco talking to Wells and he doesn't look angry or aggressive; has Wells redeemed himself for the actions of his evil doppelgänger?

7. Flash The Hero.

Our final shot shows The Flash carrying Linda Park. Interestingly she isn't dressed as Dr. Light, but in her civilian clothes, so what happened that warranted her needing to be rescued?

Also, they both look extremely downcast, has something happened, or has someone been injured?

Check out the promotional trailer for 'Enter Zoom' below.

(Source: Comicbookmovie.)


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