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Wow, I never noticed how stupid the Disney villains really are.

Artist Paul Westover has created a series of images for CollegeHumor that show how dumb the Disney movies could have ended if the villains were just a bit more reflected and used their brains in a logical manner. When you watch a Disney movie this might not be the first thing you think about, but in hindsight it makes a lot of sense.

1. Jafar did not think this through

Jafar really get his ego get in the way of his own success. Infinite genies is a great idea for a third wish, but Jafar decided to become a genie instead. He could at least have added a sentence about free will when he uttered the words.

2. Cruella de Witless

Did she decided to use puppies instead of normal dogs so she could be extra evil, or was she really just being stupid?

3. Masochist Gaston

I know we supposedly always want the thing we can't have, but surely there has to be a limit to how much unrequited love someone is willing to go through? Apparently not if your name is Gaston.

4. The Evil Queen must regret her decisions

If there is one thing I've learnt from watching movies, it's that you never ever let your enemy live if you have the opportunity to kill them because they will 100% come back and fuck things up for you. It literally happens every single time.

5. The wickedly stupid stepmother

Unless the prince is blind, there is no way he would confuse these two for Cinderella. So why not just be the Wicked Queen Mother instead?

5. Ursula? More like Dullsula!

(I'm sorry about the bad pun, let's move on and forget it ever happened, okay?) Once more the Disney villains prove that killing an enemy is always the best option. Ursula's plan would totally have worked if she just left Eric out of the equation.

If you want to check out more of Paul's work just click this link.

Source: Collegehumor


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