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This year, The Flash introduced Earth-2, a new big bad and a lot of mad theories. Thus, the burning question is: who is Zoom?

The identity of the demon speedster remains the big mystery of the show and a lot of theories are going on about it. During the last episode Earth-2 Harrison Wells - or Harry to his closest friends - came into the fold and may have gave us some answers about the big bad of the season.

It was stated that the particle accelerator also exploded on Earth-2 because of Wells, so him saying that he created Zoom was logical but I wonder if there is more than meets the eye.

Let me explain, Harry seemed to know a lot about Barry's abilities when he taught him how to use the speed-mirage against Dr. Light. I feel like Wells knows a lot more about speedsters than he let slip. Could he have not only created Zoom but also trained him before he became a villain ?

One of Wells line was also really suspicious when talking to Jay:

"Barry can do what you could not. Barry can stop Zoom."

The belief in Wells voice was really convincing and despite all the explanations he gave I don't think he has so much trust in Barry because he calculated his speed. He just met Barry a few days ago but talks about him like he already knew who he was.

Doppelgangers seems to be the main thematic of this season. We already got Linda Park, now Harrison Wells and others will come at one point. So, I'm for now joining the popular theory: I think Earth-2 Barry could be Zoom.

We have to imagine that in some ways, Earth-2 is a reflection of its Earth-1 counterpart. While a lot of elements are different from one earth to the other, there is still constant like the particle accelerator explosion. It is totally possible that Barry's mum was also killed on Earth-2, his father framed for her murder. Barry also became a speedster, was trained by Dr. Wells but without the father figure represented by Joe, ultimately let the darkness within him gain the upper hand and became Zoom.

I don't want to think that we figured out Zoom's identity already. Back in season 1, the Reverse-Flash's identity proved itself much more twisted than we thought back then. At the end I want to be like: "no one ever thought about that." But to be shocking, Zoom has to be someone we already know to really have a psychological impact on us. And from there the choices are rather limited.

I'm sure the writers will find a way to fool us all again but tell me what you think !

The Flash season 2 airs Tuesdays on The CW.


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