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I am talking Star Wars First Assault people! If like me, you love checking out footage of previously canned video games, then today you are in for a treat!

Star Wars First Assault was a FPS that was shut down back in 2012. First Assault, ever since it's cancellation has been that ever so slight disturbance in the force. We occasionally hear rumours of a distant world forged way before Battlefront but with very little evidence of its existence. Any real evidence we just assumed got canned years years ago.

But no, halleluja - an extended gameplay video has emerged online today showcasing the multiplayer aspect of the ill-fated Star Wars shooter.

The footage takes us to a base in Tatooine and showcases a multitude of the game's would be weapons. Although the player is running around a multiplayer map shooting big guns - there is no actual combat featured.

Although no combat is captured, considering this is an extremely early depiction of what would have been Star Wars First Assault, the graphics and depth of environment featured in the footage is actually pretty darn good.

According to other reports online, this build that you see was 'step zero' in regards to the Star Wars video game franchise. They wanted to test how effective the Unreal engine was at processing the complex and fast paced system needed to produce even a half decent Star Wars video game.

The rest is, as they say, history. Disney and EA shacked up with Battlefield giant, DICE and produced the oh so colossal Star Wars Battlefront. It's a journey as with anything and this one I think has worked out pretty well.

Star Wars Battlefront launches on November 17 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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