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Day 6 of 22


Nothing new. The only Lion King news is shows going on is about stage shows, including a Lion King Jr show. Naturally those shows have Kiara at the end of them, since she completes the Circle of Life. Lion King Jr shows use different things to represent baby Simba and Kiara. From the videos of seen, people have used teddy bears and toys of cub Simba, Cub Simba does look like Kiara at the end of the first film, so it does work.

She even has the ears rims and everything!:

Picture of the day

I love this picture! Simba is sitting on top of Pride Rock with Kiara, looking at the sun rise, Like yesterday's picture, Simba is most likely teaching Kiara, "Everything the light touches is our kingdom." This reinforces the strong bond Kiara and Simba share. In Lion King 2, they were close and it seems like they still are.

Things to ponder

"Will Kion learn We are One?"

This is more about a future episode than Return of the Roar. The book Unlikely Friends is said to be based on an upcoming episode. and it involves Kion befriending a hyena when he accidentally wonders into the Outlands (Just like his big sister!)


After Kiara befriended Kovu, Simba lightly scolded her, and told her how he almost lost her. Kiara tried to defend herself, but never got the chance. Most likely out of anger, she tells her father, "What if I don't wanna be queen!? It's no fun..."

Simba then tells her, "That's like saying you don't wanna be a lion. It's in your blood, as I am. We are part of each other." Then teaches her the important lesson, "We are One"

Simba is shown to be protective of Kion too, as he says to Rafiki in a promo clip, "He can't possibly be ready, he's still a cub!"

If Simba finds out Kion was playing with a hyena, the same thing that happened with him and Kiara may occur. Maybe Kion would even say, "What if I don't wanna be Lion Guard!? It's no fun..." Simba then could reassure him of his place in The Circle of Life.

What I'm doing today

Watching American Greed, The Soup, and Mock the Week with my friends.


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