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Did you spot Channing Tatum in the latest The Hateful Eight trailer? Nope, I'm guessing you didn't.

Don't worry though, this isn't some kind of defect on your part, because he was extremely difficult to spot. In fact, we're still not 100% sure he was in the thing.

According to Huffington Post, Tatum can be seen for a split second in the most recently released trailer. Unfortunately, for fans of his chiseled face, he is hiding behind a large coat, hat and scarf. See if you can spot him in the trailer below:

Did you spot him? He pops up for a moment at around the 1:30 mark on the right of the scene. Check out the screen capture below to see it more clearly.

So, how do we know this is Channing? Well, according to the leaked script which made the rounds a few years back, the character Channing is playing, Jody, enters the building "dressed all in black" and with a scarf in front of his face. He also appears in the trailer with Demian Bichir, Michael Madsen and Tim Roth, whose characters also share the scene with Tatum's. Of course, Tarantino claimed he changed the script after the leaking, so we can't be entirely sure if it is still accurate. However, until the film enters in theaters on December 25th, this is probably our best bet.

Source: HuffingtonPost


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