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Ronda Rousey is an athletic inspiration, an action movie heroine and a wonderful big sister... this doesn't mean that she's right about absolutely everything, though!

She made one sex comment in an interview with Maxim magazine, responding to a reader's question about how a guy should act in bed with a girl. Rousey said that a dude should 'take his time,' adding:

In general, a girl takes a minute. He needs to get her ready. You should never need lube in your life. If you need lube, than [sic] you’re being lazy... and you’re not taking your time.
Ronda Rousey boasts natural moistness
Ronda Rousey boasts natural moistness

Great advice about being a considerate lover, but lubrication is a vital part of sex for a lot of people and to call any and all lube usage 'lazy' is a bit rude! Just in the interests of public safety, here's what sexpert Reid Mihalko says:

Depending on the kind of sex being had, lube can be essential because not all our orifices produce the necessary fluids to ensure adequate slipperiness, especially for anal play. If someone is undergoing cancer treatments, going through menopause, or even taking certain medications, their natural lubrication production can dramatically change and decrease.
For survivors of sexual trauma, even when emotionally feeling ready to have consensual sex, their bodies may be so dissociated that lubrication production is compromised. None of these things are about people being ‘lazy.’

The main thing is that Ronda Rousey meant well; people have to make their own choices about how they conduct their sex lives, but as an influential figure, let's hope that Rousey's comments haven't made any (totally normal) lube-users feel bad about themselves!


What do you think about Rousey's comments?

Source: Maxim, Jezebel


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