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Obviously, one of the hottest topics in the superhero world right now is that Matt Ryan made his return as my favorite chain smoking magician, John Constantine, in episode 4.05 of Arrow. Personally, this was one of the best things that they could do in the show for me.

I loved NBC's first (and only) season of Constantine, and I was a little depressed after it was revealed that it wouldn't be returning. So, when they announced that Matt Ryan was returning in the role, just for another big DC series, I was nothing but overjoyed. I loved the episode and his involvement, but executive producer of Arrow, Marc Guggenheim, stated in an interview:

There's no plans [for his return in Arrow]. This was always designed to be a one off.

Am I the only one that's completely against the idea of this only being a one off?

Now, I will note that he only said that there aren't plans for another team-up with the Green Arrow, but said nothing about getting a whole new Hellblazer series for the CW, or possibly involvement in the upcoming series, Legends of Tomorrow. Here are three characters that I'd kill to see, if Constantine gets his own forty-five minutes every week again.

1. Dr. Fate

There have been many who called themselves Dr. Fate, but I'd prefer the original version, Kent Nelson. Long ago, he and his father found a tomb for Babylonian God, Nabu the Wise, in which they awakened him from suspended animation. After Nelson's father dies from inhaling poisonous gas, Nabu saves Nelson with the purpose to teach him sorcery, so that he may battle supernatural evil. Side effect is that he also occasionally possesses Nelson's body through the helmet that he wears when he takes on the persona of Dr. Fate.

Nelson has been the most depicted version of Dr. Fate, with appearances in numerous DC animated series', as well as a spot in Smallville. One of the coolest things about them introducing Dr. Fate (in a potential Constantine show) is that NBC already hinted at him in the pilot episode of their series.

2. Zatanna Zatara

The daughter of Giovanni Zatara, an extremely talented magician, Zatanna herself has much to live up to when it comes to her father. After discovering her actual magical abilities at a young age, Zatanna follows in her father's footsteps, even adopting his old costume style but in her own fashion.

She could be introduced in the show in two ways. One is that the first big story involving her, in the comics, was her father's disappearance and her quest to find him, and since Constantine is a fellow magician, she could seek help from him. Not to mention that the second way is that she and Constantine used to be in a romantic relationship.

3. Swamp Thing

Of course I'm going to mention Swamp Thing, it's where Constantine got his start before attaining his own comic book series! Swamp Thing (IV) is a humanoid creature made entirely of vegetation, who fights supernatural threats to humanity. Though he resembles a human, his only connection to humanity is that it took the death of scientist, Alec Holland, after being burned by a bio-formula he was working on to create spontaneous forests, to create this entity (at least the primary version in the comics).

Not only did Constantine first appear in a Swamp Thing comic, but they also teamed up on a few occassions as well.

What do you guys think of Constantine? Do you think that the CW should start a Hellblazer series? Who, in the Constantine canon of characters, would you most like to see if a series ever took off again? Get some discussions in the comments!


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