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WARNING: The article below is riddled with major spoilers for Season 7, Episode 5 of The Vampire Diaries, enter at your own risk!

The Vampire Diaries season seven has finally give the heretics the teeth needed scare us silly this season with something other than their accents (I'm British, I can't take it!), but will 'Big Bad' Julian ever be able to hold a flame to the despicable Kai?

Along with the major revelations, moments of much-needed character development helped this episode to clarify some murky relationships and tie up some lose ends that have been bothering fans, but as usual the supernatural throw threw some major WTF moments into the mix to balance things out!

Below is a round up of the best, weirdest and hottest moments from 'Live Through This' along with some questions for you to ponder in the comments until next weeks thrill ride.

The Juiciest Bites

Caroline and Bonnie's Moments Together

One of the things about The Vampire Diaries that has always made it so popular is how the characters are just regular college students who happen to have awe-inspiring supernatural powers and the scenes between Caroline and Bonnie really hammered that home this week.

It's adorable to see their dynamic evolving without Elena around and I really enjoyed the scenes of the close chums just hanging out in their dorm room chatting about getting laid and magical amulets.

Valerie and Stefan's heart-to-heart

The whole Valerie and Stefan storyline has always came across as incredibly forced to me, but in this episodes their interactions were surprisingly touching and meaningful.

In my opinion, Stefan's reaction to hearing he could have had a child was a little bit po faced, but I guess when you've been through all this guy has, not much has the power to punch the emotional wind out of you anymore.

A Return to Form For the Vengeful Salvatores

Both of the Salvatore brother's are thirsting for blood now and let's face it, that's the way it should be.

Lily's Betrayal Uncovered

We've always known the Heretics were evil, but now we have a concrete reason to absolutely loathe them which has to potential to add a lot of gravitas to this season.

Julian's Resurrection

Finally! A big bad! I've never really been able to get behind Lily as a villain to truly fear and from the descriptions we have heard about Julian so far, he seems like a right piece of work that we can really sink our teeth into?

WTF Moments

Bonnie and Enzo Are an Item in the Future?!

I nearly fainted when I saw this totally random hook up, and I'm sure I wasn't the only one. Are the writers so desperate to appease Delena fans that they are letting us know that Bamon definitely doesn't happen? Will we see Bonnie and Enzo's romance unfold or will it all be left unseen? So many questions!

The Phoenix Stone's Pet Semetary Secret

It was pretty obvious from last week that the Phoenix Stone was going to pull some serious 'Pet Semetary' shit, but seeing it unfold in Oscar was still a bit of a shocker...and let's not even go there with (kind of) Jo.

Biggest Awwww!

Steroline's Morning Snuggles

You don't have to be a Steroline shipper to see how adorable this morning snuggle was. These guys know each other inside out, and even though they might lack the sizzling chemistry of other Vampire Diaries couples, they are pretty heart-melting at times like this

Alaric Helping the Spirit Within Jo, Regardless of Who it May Be

Knowing Alaric's luck, the spirit within Jo will probably end up trying to kill him and all of his mates, but this moment was genuinely emotional. Seeing these two lost souls coming together to help each other find their place was poignant, especially because one of them happens to have Jo's face.

Damon Gif of the Week

Brooding, revenge plotting Damon for the win!

Questions For Next Week

  • Will Enzo finally leave Lily alone and rejoin the gang now Julian is back?
  • Who is inside Jo's body and will they end up being bad news? Was the gun a subtle hint she could be the huntress?
  • What is the significance of the x shaped scars and when will we find out more?
  • Is Valerie redeemable?


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