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They said there wouldn't be another trailer... they lied! This trailer was just released to Japan and it contains almost entirely new footage! The dialogue especially is crucial - more hints about Rey and Kylo Ren have been revealed, as well as a possible connection to the Skywalker family. But enough prelude - here's the trailer itself!

I'm seriously trying not to explode from nerd excitement right now. So let's breakdown exactly what this means for the plot of The Force Awakens because boy, is this a doozy!

Rey Is Waiting... For Her Family!

For me this is the biggest reveal of the trailer. Rey says to BB-8...

"I know all about waiting. For my family."

Many fans are definitely going to take this as more evidence to suggest that Rey is actually the lost daughter of the Skywalker/Solo clan - either the child of Luke or of Leia. As she later asks Han about the existence of the Jedi, it's possible she has amnesia, or she was taken away from her family to protect her.

Rey on Jakku
Rey on Jakku

Or maybe, just maybe, her family is entirely different from any characters we've seen before, but nonetheless plot relevant. Though her connection to Kylo Ren does seem to have been established...

Kylo Confronts Rey

We've known that Rey and Kylo Ren would have a conversation/confrontation at some point, thanks to the merchandise that contained this dialogue from Kylo in the film...

"Is it true? You're just a scavenger?"

And now it looks like that conversation doesn't exactly go well, as Kylo Ren seems ready to execute Rey!

Kylo Ren confronts Rey
Kylo Ren confronts Rey

I hope she makes it out of that situation ok. But there's a fair bet she might, as this trailer definitely suggests one crucial fact...

Kylo And Rey Are Related!

Again, this is very dialogue based. Kylo's speech to Darth Vader's helmet has been expanded on, and it seems to suggest that Kylo actually is a Skywalker!

"I will fulfill our destiny - I will finish what you started."

Our destiny? Our? That certainly points towards Kylo Ren and Darth Vader being in the same family. Put that together with Rey's search for her family and, well, there's a clear conclusion here: Kylo Ren and Rey are related! Maybe. Probably. It might just be a red herring but Luke Skywalker's absence again suggests something new...

The Entire Film Is A Search For Luke!

So Kylo Ren and The First Order definitely seem to be searching for something when they're in the desert (Jakku, probably), and maybe raiding a small village.

The First Order searching for Luke?
The First Order searching for Luke?

While they could be on the hunt for a small item (the lightsaber!), it seems more likely that they're actually searching for "the strongest warrior in the galaxy" aka Luke Skywalker! This definitely makes sense for Luke being eliminated from the marketing, as Abrams is turning the search for Luke into a hunt that extends beyond the movie and into the fanbase! Which just adds up to the possibility that we won't even see Luke Skywalker until the end of the movie... but I digress.

There's tons more to analyse in this trailer, so expect plenty more articles from us breaking down pretty much every frame. But until next time, let us know what you think in the comments!

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