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Just when we thought the trailers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens were over and done with, an international 2 minute trailer drops online and teases us with even more mouth watering footage!

The trailer follows a similar structure to the trailer we saw a couple of weeks ago but has some really interesting new footage that we can talk about.

First off we see Rey and BB-8 entering the crashed Star Destroyer on Jakku. We know Rey is a scavenger and is presumably searching the ship for parts she can sell.

This shot doesn't tell us a lot more than we already know but just look how very similar it looks to shots seen in the original Star Wars with Luke on Tatooine. We know this planet is not Tatooine and is instead Jakku.

Rey and BB-8 start to discuss some things, presumably this is when she first meets the small droid. She says "Where do you come from?" "I know all about waiting....for my family". Now....that is very interesting. There's a lot of speculation surrounding the character of Rey, is she the offspring of Han and Leia, or perhaps the daughter of Luke Skywalker himself. Personally, I'm leaning towards her being the daughter of Luke more. I thought the interaction between Rey and Han in the last trailer didn't seem very father and daughter.

Again, some beautiful visuals in this film. This is presumably a legion of fighters come down to the surface on Jakku to capture Finn who as we saw in the last trailer, seems to have left the First Order in a not so friendly manner.

Here we see a First Order Flametrooper setting what looks to be a village on Jakku up in flames. Perhaps this is them hunting down Finn or maybe this is the kind of villainy that forces Finn to leave the First Order.

The villainous Kylo Ren igniting his unconventional Lightsaber aboard a First Order vessel. Maybe this is during the torture/interrogation scene with Poe Dameron?

We then get a couple of shots of Finn and Rey getting to know each other aboard the Millennium Falcon. I presume the two met down on the surface of Jakku shortly before being attacked by the First Order and were rescued by Han and Chewie aboard the Falcon.

It's a quick shot but we see Leia, Poe Dameron and C-3PO in some type of Resistance base. We found out at Star Wars Celebration earlier this year that Leia Organa is the one who sends Poe Dameron off on a special mission. This looks like it might be that scene.

Yet again some absolutely mind blowing shots of aerial combat. This looks to be on the Starkiller base. The Death Star looking weapon on the film's official poster. The Starkiller base is a weapon with the capacity to decimate entire solar systems and is in fact built into the core of a planet.

Here we see Rey on her makeshift AT-AT home on Jakku rushing towards her staff that we've seen in every single piece of marketing to do with the character. This staff is going to play a major role in the film. Many including myself predict that this staff actually belongs to Darth Plagueis (Darth Sidious' Master). The character is officially canon as he's mentioned in Revenge Of The Sith. Again this is all speculation but there's many of us who presume Supreme Leader Snoke played by Andy Serkis is actually Darth Plagueis because as we know, the Sith Lord found a way to cheat death.

We then see Chewbacca setting off a detonator presumably in the bowels of a First Order cruiser or perhaps somewhere in Starkiller base.

Rey and Kylo Ren who I assume are related in some way whether that be siblings or cousins finally come into contact in the marketing. This looks to be on the planet where a great battle is taking place which we saw in the previous trailer. I love this image, I think it's a beautiful shot. The rippling effect of Kylo's lightsaber to the fear on Rey's face, I love it!

Then we hear Maz Kanata (Lupita Nyongo) say "Hope is not lost today, it is found". From this trailer and the last, it seems as though Kanata is really mentoring Rey on how to use the force and how she can be one with it, at least that's the way the trailers have been edited.

I really like this trailer, I love some of the new shots it gave us and I love the tone. I think the last trailer was better, it was a little more exciting. What do you guys think of this international trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @JamesPorter97


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