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Batman is one of the very first superheroes created, and is still immensely popular today. These days, thanks to numerous movies and the ever growing popularity of comic books, a wider number of people know about our favourite heroes. Here are some of the most obscure yet awesome facts related to Batman, that you probably had no idea about!

1. The first meeting between Batman and Superman was on radio, not in a comic

On March 2, 1945, Superman met Batman and Robin for the first time ever on the radio show The Adventures of Superman. While they were often displayed on the cover of the same comics together previously, they had never met each other in the stories, which tended to be individual ones.

2. Bruce Wayne's birthday is on Feb 19

Bruce Wayne's birthday in the comics is on Feb 19. Coincidentally, David Mazouz, who plays young Bruce on the popular TV series Gotham, also has his birthday on Feb 19. Truly a perfect casting, huh? Looks like he was destined to play the role.

3. Bruce Wayne drove a Lamborghini Murcielago in the Dark Knight Trilogy

What is intriguing is about this is that Murcielago is a Spanish word which translates to "bat" in English. Nice touch there by Christopher Nolan. Fun fact - the car itself was named after a Spanish fighting bull.

4. You can take a course in university about the "Science of Batman"

Obligatory meme
Obligatory meme

Yes, that's right. The University of Victoria offers the Science of Batman as a course option for students to take. Best. University. Ever. Or maybe it's just the university we deserve, but not the one we need right now. You be the judge of that.

5. Batman has had more stories written about him than any fictional character in history

This makes him the most popular fictional character. EVER. This number includes over 6,250 comics books, 321 TV episodes, 43 Video games, and 14 movies. Holy Caped Crusader!

6. There was a unit of mass named "Batman"

Originally used during the Ottoman Empire rule, it measured at around 7.5 kilograms. However, it has been varied throughout history and obviously, is not in use anymore. Imagine measuring weights in "Batmans".

7. Nightwing has had the most incarnations out of all the characters in the Bat-Family

There have been SEVEN Nightwings, 6 Robins, 6 Batmen, 5 Batgirls, 3 Huntresses, 2 Batwomen, and only ONE Oracle. And I always thought that Robin was the most used title.

8. The Batcave's entrance is symbolic to the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne

The Batcave's entrance in the Wayne Manor is hidden behind a grandfather clock. It can only be accessed if the time in the clock is set to 10:47 PM, the time when Thomas and Martha Wayne were murdered.

9. There is a town in Turkey named 'Batman'

After the release of Christopher Nolan's critically acclaimed The Dark Knight, the Mayor of this small town tried to sue Warner Bros. for using the name without their permission. Obviously, their case was rejected, however it is quite an interesting thing to know about.

Hope you learned something new and awesome about Batman today by reading this article!

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