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Setting out on a backpacking trip in search of meaningful experiences and the finding of oneself seems to be the vacation preference of the Millennial Generation.

And why not? With easy access to social media and budget-travel tools, a trip couldn't be more affordable or easy to plan. Thank you, internet.

In preparation for you backpacking trip around Europe, I've taken the liberty of outlining what to expect at some of your chosen destinations... via horror movies. Enjoy.

1. Creep (2004)- UK

Don't use the subway in Britain, because if you do, you will be chased through the dark train tunnels by a depraved Gollum-human half breed so he can reenact gruesome surgeries on you.

2. Fritt Vilt (2006)- Norway

Don't go snowboarding in Norway, because if you do, you will be hunted down by a psychopathic, pick-axe wielding serial killer with mom & dad issues.

3. [REC] (2007) - Spain

Don't film a documentary in Spain, because if you do, you will get trapped in an apartment block full of flesh hungry zombies.

4. Frontier(s) (2007) - France

Don't stay at a motel in France, because if you do, the cannibal neo-Nazi owners will torture you and force you to mother a new Aryan master race.

5. Chernobyl Diaries (2012) - Ukraine

Don't go on an 'extreme' tour in the Ukraine, because if you do, you will be stalked by hundreds of deformed humanoid mutants that want to eat you.

6. Hostel (2005) - Slovakia

Don't go partying with hot girls in Slovakia, because if you do, you will be drugged, kidnapped and decapitated with a chainsaw by rich business men with perverse hobbies.

7. Funny Games (1997) - Austria

Don't stay at a lake house in Austria, because if you do, you will be forced to play sadistic games with two sociopaths who will kill your family.

8. Calvaire (2004) - Belgium

Don't go driving in the woods in Belgium, because if you do, you will be taken captive and tortured by a delusional sicko who will pretend you are his wife (even if you're a dude).

9. Haunted Poland (2011) - Poland

Don't visit your girlfriend's family in Poland, because if you do, you'll be haunted by malevolent spirits from that time your girlfriend played Ouija board when she was a kid.

10. The Depraved (2011) - Germany

Don't go on an underground tunnel tour in Berlin, because if you do, a creepy East German border guard will lead you to your imminent torture and brutally graphic death.

Well, thats it from me. Wishing you all the best on your dream holiday around Europe. Bon Voyage, darlings...


What's your biggest travel related fear?

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