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The torrents of egotistical lunacy that spout from Jaden Smith's pie hole could rival those of any deranged real-life serial killer, but can you tell which arrogant and delusional individual coughed up the pearls of wisdom below?

It's time to make like you're on CSI and try and separate the innocent teenage eccentric from the erratic murderers in the questions below, and don't forget to keep score as you go. May the prana energy be with you, truth seeker.


1. Who uttered these wise words?

ANSWER: These ramblings were uttered by none other than Charles Manson


2. Who thinks humans are just another animal?

ANSWER: These words of wisdom are courtesy of John Wayne Gacy


3. Who is pondering the complexities and paradoxes of the human mind?

ANSWER: The mind is an object of fascination for mini muse, Jaden Smith


4. Who is bored of listening to society?

ANSWER: Richard Ramirez, a.k.a. The Night Stalker is the man who has had enough of rationalization.


5. Who is desperate to make an impression?

ANSWER: Like most teenagers, Jaden Smith wants to make his mark on the world.


6. Who wants to make a shocking change?

ANSWER: The shock in question here is music, not murder, and Jaden Smith is its orchestrator


7. Who is churning through the process of life?

ANSWER: This philosophic musing comes straight from the house of Jaden Smith.


8. Who will be back with Jesus?

ANSWER: Serial killer. This was Aileen Wuornos' final statement before she was executed.


9. Who believes our hands are key to the meaning of life?

ANSWER: Jaden Smith believes that our hands themselves are full of life's secrets.


10. Who might be a little bit paranoid?

ANSWER: Charles Manson thinks he has the appropriate awareness about paranoia.


Be honest, how many did you get right?


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